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Shopping local – this year’s trend that we hope is here to stay?

This is a collaborative post with Emma Pinfold from ‘Bond Street to Your Street’

Why shopping local is a two-way thing – a feature with Emma Pinfold from Bond Street to Your Street!

shopping local tunbridge wells

Now more than ever is the time to look at our shopping behaviour. The last year has shown us how important it is to shop local, support our local brands and to boost our high streets.

We’ve seen brands adapt amazingly and deliver according to the pandemic. Local businesses have done everything to support their community and provide safe places to shop.

From a personal point of view, I have taken great joy in showing support for local businesses and have definitely changed my spending habits. Yes, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling by supporting independent businesses but I can also see that these businesses are rewarding us too with the many consumer benefits to buying local.

Emma Pinfold from ‘Bond Street to Your Street’ has faced the challenges of the past year head-on. Find out more about the highs and lows she has encountered over the past year and how she has adapted to move her three Kent based shops selling gorgeous designer items online during the pandemic, whilst home schooling a busy brood!


When things need to change…

When we got told our kids had to stay at home and we would become their teachers, I think all parents made a collective grimace and reached for the gin!

We wondered how we were going to manage our children, our work, our household, and the small matter of a global pandemic. Imagine, if you will, adding to that mix, seven children, (SEVEN!?) three shops and a band, because that’s the reality local business owner Emma was facing. Every area of her life was being affected by this awful virus. But did she let it hold her back? Of course not.

One of Emma’s key skills is her ability to diversify…

Bond Street to Your Street provides pre-loved, exquisite, top designer handbags.

If her shops are shuts due to ongoing changes in COVID restrictions, she brings it online and showcases her designer pieces to her 2.1k members in her Facebook Group – Bond Street Designer Handbags.

There are many benefits to shopping local but one (which Emma prides herself on) is that it is much easier to strike up a rapport with the people who support the local businesses.

By living in the same area, you naturally have so much more in common and this drives a desire to have a mutually beneficial consumer experience.

The benefits of shopping with smaller local brands

Emma has a deep knowledge of her customers, some of whom are now dear friends. When she finds an item that she knows someone would love she rings them up immediately.

This type of top-notch customer service can only be provided by a smaller local brand.

What does the future hold?

More than likely, being a mum to 7 beautiful children has caused her to have a real knack for being flexible and going with the wonderful chaos that being a member of a blended family can throw at you. A skill that has equipped Emma with the ability to face the year 2021 with positivity and flexibility. With hope in sight, Emma is looking forward to opening the doors and welcoming everyone to her three shops, Cranbrook, Tenterden and Rye.

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