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Benefits to Investing in SMSF Accounts

SMSF Accounts

Everyone wants to make sure you have money saved aside to support themselves after they retire. Companies offer employees 401K and other benefits to attempt to help. However, many are finding other means to saving money, including investing in SMSF accounts. The benefits to SMSF crypto-investing start with the simple fact that you oversee how you invest and manage the savings.

Investment Control

You will need to make sure that you follow the guidelines to start an investment and fund it with digital currency. Most SMSF accounts will allow you to invest in the following assets:

  • Fixed interest
  • Property via managed funds (will have restrictions to watch for, but often works for commercial or residential property)
  • Shares
  • Gold and other precious metals
  • Collectables (will have restrictions to watch for)

Managed Portfolios

Managed portfolios generally require a professional to handle your investment for a fee based on your portfolio size. With cryptocurrency, you can fund your investment with digital currency. Financial advisors are still strongly advised to make sure you follow the rules for borrowing and investing the SMSF.

Increased Flexibility

Cryptocurrency offers SMSF account holders more flexibility on when they fund or sell investments. You, or your financial advisor, will determine the best time for action based on watching trends. You will need to understand the market and how to respond when it changes. Moving too fast or too slow can be detrimental to your SMSF, which affects your future.

Estate Planning

In addition to retirement, SMSF accounts offer users the ability to manage estate plans. Read through the terms and conditions of your fund’s trust deed before making decisions. However, some deeds will allow you to change how death benefits are paid out.

Tax Management

Cryptocurrency is not subjected to government management the same way physical money forms are. Therefore, with SMSF, you have greater control over your investment decisions and manage the taxation effects. The Australian government has a 15% taxation rate on any earnings with SMSF, but no taxes are applied on pensions. Therefore, you can disperse your assets without having a tax liability.

Add Property Value

Finally, a benefit that comes with SMSF crypto investing is the ability to add value to your property. With a typical superfund, you cannot rent a residential property to a tenant. However, with cryptocurrency, you can acquire either a commercial or residential rental property, as long as the tenant is not related to you or the fund members.

With all the benefits that cryptocurrency offers, it is essential to remind you to be mindful of the risks that come with SMSF funds. You agree to comply with all the legalities are associated with these accounts. They do take more time and experience, so consult with a financial advisor to make sure you have everything set up correctly. Failure to comply with the regulations will cause fees and can impact your ability to obtain insurance.