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A super ‘Day out with Thomas’ at Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge Wells

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Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge WellsWith two young boys, it was inevitable that trains would feature strongly in my life! So after several years of admiring Thomas from afar, we took a trip on the Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge Wells for a Day out with Thomas on Sunday. Here’s how it went…..

We were scheduled to go on the 2.40pm train, departing from the Tunbridge Wells train station. We decided to keep it a secret from Harry until about an hour beforehand as the excitement might have been a bit too much for him (and us)!

There were lots of lovely activities taking place in the engine shed beforehand, including face-painting, the imagination station, a model railway, vintage penny machines plus Thomas programmes were on rotation in the lovely little vintage cinema.

Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge WellsWe were advised to arrive early to take advantage of these activities as the engine shed closes at 4pm and wouldn’t be open after our return journey.

We were having so much fun in the engine shed that we almost missed the train and were the last passengers to board!

12082967_10156137335130154_2120320156_oThomas’s friend Daisy took us on a lovely little journey past the High Rocks to Ffarquhar Station (AKA Groombridge) . Normally the train goes as far as Eridge but there were engineering works that day. However Ffarquhar Station was a lovely little place with lots of things going on.

Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge WellsWhen the train headed back to Tunbridge Wells with the passengers it had picked up at Ffarquhar Station, we spent a little while looking around and watching the balloon men create some very impressive things.

Suddenly, we heard a ‘toot toot’ and Thomas came into the station with one of his friends from the other direction!

12085106_10156137289030154_1694584239_oThere was great excitement in the station and Sir Topham Hat (e.g. The Fat Controller) did a very good job of ensuring everyone got a good look at Thomas and even got to fill up his engine with water so that he could take us on a little journey out into the countryside.

Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge WellsWhen we got back to Ffarquhar Station, Harry had a go on the miniature railway and then we all got some refreshments from the train station shop. Harry received his certificate from The Fat Controller just as the Diesel pulled in to take us back to Tunbridge Wells.

The journey on the train is short, especially since the train didn’t go as far as Eridge Station, however with all of the activities included and the ‘surprise’ arrival of Thomas and a trip out to the countryside with him, there this was a super day out and it has fuelled Harry’s love for trains.

Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge WellsHe hasn’t sopped talking about Thomas and Diesal since and has been taking his favourite engines everywhere with him.

A Day out with Thomas is running this Saturday and Sunday (10 and 11 October) too – check out the Spa Valley Railway website here for further information.

Have you been on the Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge Wells? I would love to hear what you thought of it……