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Ensuring your elderly loved ones stay safe this winter

stay safe this winter

I’m not sure we have ever had such a worrying winter ahead of us. Not only do we have the cold weather approaching and flu season to contend with but now we have the added worry of Covid 19. Caring for our elderly when we are not allowed to physically be with them provides a challenge but we have come up with some ideas to ensure they stay safe this winter.

Stay warm

Make sure your loved ones have a programmer for their heating which you can set to come on at certain times of the day to ensure they don’t ever get cold.

Snuggle up

Assuming your loved one is in a position to operate it, and remember to turn it off, an electric blanket will take the chill off their bed. They just need to turn it on a little before they are going to bed and turn it off as they get in.

Stairlift anyone?

Consider if a stair lift might make life easier, enabling peace of mind that your loved one can travel safely up and down the stairs eliminating the fear of a fall. Age UK Mobility have a selection of products helping the older generation to stay safe, independent and comfortable in their own home.

Gift it

A new wool blanket is useful for taking the chill off and also for comfort while watching television or reading a good book. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from, it could make a really thoughtful gift.

Ice clearing

If your loved one likes to get out and about when they can it would be worth speaking to a neighbour to see if they would sprinkle some salt on their path in the morning before going to work to take care of any icy patches. Often people want to help their elderly neighbours but aren’t sure of what to do for them. You could supply the salt for them.

stay safe this winter

Food stores

We don’t need to be panic buying this winter but planning ahead with meals for your elderly loved one means that you won’t be worrying whether they are eating well or not. You could consider batch cooking to stock up the freezer for them or making sure that they have a supply of soup and bake in the oven bread.


Depending on how technologically capable your loved one is, you might be able set up a regular time to Facetime them. The joy of actually seeing their children and grandchildren can really help during this lonely time. If they aren’t keen on Facetime a good old phone call will work just as well to check in on them and make sure all is well.

Thoughtful gestures

There are some other easy things you can do to brighten up your loved one’s day. Posting drawings from the grandchildren to let them know they miss them and are thinking of them is quick and easy and will be gratefully received. Sending a little care package of their favourite treat and a good book lets them know you care. Perhaps a bouquet of flowers to brighten their home is just the ticket.