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4 Staycation Accommodation Features To Look For

Staycation Accommodation

2020 is the year of the staycation. With travel restrictions preventing the usual two-week breaks overseas, Britons are having to explore the country to stop themselves from going mad. Thankfully, the UK is an incredibly beautiful part of the world with lots of fantastic destinations for people of all ages.

However, the location is only one aspect of a staycation. You must consider the accommodation, too. After all, it’s more than a place to sleep and relax during a health pandemic. It could be your permanent base for a couple of days!

With that in mind, these are the features to look out for.

Detached Property

If you’re searching for flats and houses on Airbnb and accommodation-sharing websites, you don’t want anything that’s attached. With a terrace or semi, you have to deal with the neighbours, and you get less privacy. Of course, detached properties are more expensive, so if you can’t afford them, you opt for noise monitoring for Airbnb rentals. This should tell you when you’re too loud so that you can turn down the volume and keep the status quo. Don’t worry because the owners can’t hear what you’re saying and share it; all they can do is measure the din.

Staycation Accommodation


A garden is essential as you never know what will happen between now and your holiday. One minute, everything is fine, and the next, the government introduces national lockdown rules. For those who are away when the new legislation is introduced, the last thing you want to do is cut your break short. With a garden and plenty of room for activities, there’s no reason to since you can spend all day outside and remain active. For example, grilling or barbequing in the winter is perfectly acceptable. Some even say it’s better than the original!

Nearby Sites

Thankfully, leaving the house isn’t illegal as long as you have a good excuse, and there’s none better than exercising for the sake of your mental and physical health. Of course, you don’t want to spend your holiday doing the things that you would at home, such as walking around the town centre for half an hour. Instead, you should head to National Trust sites and local beauty spots and soak in the scenery. By researching what’s within a thirty-minute drive, you can continue to spend your days out of the accommodation, enjoying the nearby sights and attractions.


A holiday needs a sense of novelty, particularly during a global pandemic. After all, you might spend more time in your digs than you assume, so it’s nice to have something that keeps you excited and engaged. A hot tub is ideal as it never gets old, whether you use it once or four or five times. A kitchen is another alternative because you can make a night of cooking and involve the whole family. Or, a big TV with Sky and Netflix should help you while away the hours.

Usually, a novelty factor is a waste. During Covid, it’s a necessity!