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Stone Mountain Park Attractions

Stone Mountain Park Attractions

When it comes to destinations to visit and spend quality time, Atlanta is undoubtedly one of the best. If you’re in Atlanta and looking for a good time, Stone Mountain Park is the place to go. Located over 3200 acres of natural beauty, it is one of many popular Atlanta family attractions. The park is a famous tourist destination since it offers various activities and several outdoor sports. With all of the upcoming seasonal events, you won’t want to miss out on any of the fun. Before getting to these activities, let’s get to know the park a little better.

Outdoor activities

There are several golf courses and leisure sites to choose from due to the park’s extensive natural area. The following are some of them.

Lake fishing

If someone longs for the good old days of fishing, this Stone Mountain Park’s attraction can help them achieve their wish. Bream, catfish, crappie, carp, and bass are among the five species of fish that are all in the lake. Fishing is permitted from 6 a.m. until midnight, giving you plenty of opportunities to catch something tasty. Private boats also have a fishing permit, which is ideal for those who seek utmost comfort. The public boat ramp is right next to the Evergreen Pavilion, where you may launch your boat. However, any motorboat with more than ten horsepower is not permissible on the lake.

Golf courses

Stone Mountain Golf Club is only a few minutes from downtown Atlanta, which may surprise you. You’re bound to have a pleasant evening thanks to the gorgeous views of the park and the lake, as well as two championship-level golf courses. This activity is distinctive since both the available courses offer a feeling of originality.

You may take on a traditional challenge with the Stonemont course, which will put your strategy and precision to the test. At the other end, the Lakemont course has a less demanding layout that allows for casual golfing.

Walk-up trail

Do you happen to be one of the people seeking a bit more excitement? Anyone who can relate is welcome to join the 1-mile hike to the peak of Stone Mountain. Unless there are some authorized alterations, this path is usually open from dawn to dusk. All you have to do now is follow the yellow line and take in the breathtaking landscape. On sunny days, at 1,686 feet above sea level, you can see up to 100 kilometers away.

Picnic areas

Everyone feels fatigued after a long day of outdoor activity. The park’s picnic areas are an excellent place to unwind and replenish your energy.

Over 200 tables are accessible at the Studdard Picnic Area, which is across the Marnia Complex. These tables are available on a first-come, first-served system. A large number of individuals can collectively use the pubic grills. Private barbecues, on the other hand, are only permitted in the public picnic area.

The Triangle Picnic Area, on the other hand, is the closest to the Crossroads area. On busy days at the park, this space is also suitable for parking.

Family attractions

Because the Stone Mountain attractions are suitable for people of all ages, you may bring the whole family. The following is a list of the attractions.

Sky Hike

Despite the confined capacity, this experience is well worth the wait. You’ll undoubtedly achieve new heights because it’s one of the country’s most boundless adventurous courses. Since no two walks are the same over here, each trail you follow will be unique. You may walk the quarter-mile of bridges and obstacles while safeguarded by an aerial safety system. Additionally, you may choose from 12-foot, 24-foot, and 40-foot high routes.

Scenic railroad

This 1940s locomotive is just what you need if you’re searching for some peace. This full-size train will take you on a five-mile journey through the highlands. You can stare out the open cabins at Stone Mountain and the lovely scenery that surrounds it. The tour lasts about half an hour and includes punctual arrival and departure at Crossroads’ Marketplace Depot.

Historic square

This historic square is home to some of Georgia’s oldest structures. From about 1793 until 1875, these original buildings underwent construction. For preserving the realism and authenticity of the experience, they are from their original locations. You may explore the intriguing area on your own due to self-guided touring admittance. Apart from historical structures, this neighborhood also has a collection of Georgian house decor from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Locomotive chase adventure golf

You may spend your time on the 18 distributed holes on this miniature golf course. You will work your way through the holes in chase of the locomotive, as the golf course has a theme on the Great Locomotive Chase. This activity blends in seamlessly with the charm of the crossroads owing to numerous train-based design features.

Dinosaur explore

Your trip begins in a time machine that transports you millions of years back in time. After emerging from the time vortex, you’ll be able to see all of the dinosaurs from the Jurassic period. Stone Mountain Park is home to a total of twenty prehistoric dinosaurs. Although, the best thing is that these dinosaurs have special effects that allow them to roar and move around like their real-life counterparts.

Summit sky ride

This high-speed Swiss cable car is worth the wait, even though it requires a scheduled booking. After setting off, you’ll climb 825 feet above the surface to the summit of Stone Mountain. You can see Atlanta’s skyline from up to 60 miles away, which is a breathtaking sight. The cable car, however, is closed when the weather is unfavorable.

Mowgli’s 4D jungle adventure

This spring, you may participate in an interactive event based on the narrative of The Jungle Book. The courageous Mowgli, nurtured by wolves, is about to embark on his most perilous expedition yet. He must act fast after finding out that his tiger cub pals are in danger due to poachers. Mowgli’s rescue crew consists of a black panther, a sluggish sloth bear, a loving elephant, and a ferocious tiger. Thanks to this entire adventure, you may get up close with Mowgli and his companions.

Options of staying

You can’t blame someone for wanting to slip into a warm and comfy bed after a long day at the park. You have two choices when it comes to accommodation.

The Evergreen Marriott Resort is the first choice. You will feel rejuvenated after staying here, surrounded by greenery and the park’s natural radiance. This pet-friendly resort offers spacious rooms, swimming pools, golf courses, and a plethora of other family-friendly entertainment.

Alternatively, you have the option of staying in the Stone Mountain Inn, which provides incredible accommodation as well as spectacular views of Stone Mountain. There are 92 guest rooms accessible for everyone on a family vacation. Moreover, they also have access to an outdoor pool and traditional southern-style dining.

Final thoughts

Stone Mountain Park doesn’t lack enjoyment in any way, thanks to a multitude of recreational activities. If someone is interested in going, they can select from a range of tickets depending on how long they want to stay. Anyone planning to stay for an extended period should take advantage of the different camping and accommodation discounts available.