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8 Pro Tips For Surviving a Long International Flight

8 Pro Tips For Surviving a Long International Flight

Imagine, a day-long air journey through the clouds from one side of the globe to the other. Well, the thought itself is terrifying. Isn’t it?

We have rounded up some of our top tips on how to survive a long-haul flight like a pro. Whether it isgetting over a fear of flying beforehand, packing the right items that will help you to relax or organising your airport transfer well in advance, we have plenty of ideas. So, let’s have a look:

#1 Conquer the Fear of Long Flights

Afraid to fry?  A report read, 40% of Americans have a clinical phobia known as the fear of flying. To overcome your flying anxiety, follow the below tips:-

● Step Onto the Airplane With Knowledge to Tame Your Anxiety.

● Latch On to the Particular Triggers That Set You Off.

● You Need to Separate Fear From Danger.

Above all these, enrol for a well-structured online program that helps you manage your phobia of flying. Typically, they have veteran pilots to walk you through with what to expect during a long-haul flight.

#2 Carry Smart Devices

A couple of hours before boarding the plane, make sure all your smart devices such as tablets, smartphones, or laptops are loaded up with games, music, ebooks, and web series.

Entertainment is pivotal in dealing with boredom, which is quite prevalent during a long flight. 

#3 Wear Comfortable Clothing

Looking for more helpful flying tips? Sometimes, the temperature on the aeroplane is not comfortable. You might be feeling cold, while a big guy a couple of rows back is sweating.

Since you never know what’s going to be the temperature like, be prepared for the best and worst.

Wear comfortable clothing when boarding the plane, and carry a few extra layers so that you can adjust according to the temperature changes.

#4 Don’t Forget the Eyemask

Being a long flight, you probably want a couple of hours of sound sleep, and an eye mask can help you achieve that. The eye mask will block all the light to create an idyllic, soothing environment for deep sleep.

You can ask for an eye mask in the flight, but generally, airline eye masks are scratchy and quite uncomfortable. Further, a pair of earplugs is good to block hush sounds and noises in the plane.

8 Pro Tips For Surviving a Long International Flight

#5 Pack Antibacterial Wipes

Aeroplanes can be dirty & germy, and if you’ve allergies, then this can be quite uncomfortable. Minimize the risk of the spread of germs with anti-bacterial wipes by cleaning down your armrests, seatback tray, seat belt, etc.

A self sanitised area should help you feel at ease & relax, especially during a long-haul flight.

#6 Pick the Seat Wisely

If you’ve plans to sleep for the majority of your long haul flight, it is advisable to opt for the back seat, which is near to the window. This ensures you’ve something to lean on, and need not worry about a seat-mate request to move now and then.

On the other hand, you think that you’ll remain awake during the journey, then the aisle seat is perfect for stretching your legs.

#7 Choose Food Carefully

A study revealed that high-carbs food such as oatmeal, spaghetti, and whole-grain bread could help people deal with jet lag.

According to this study, the transition of one sleep and eating schedule to another becomes smooth if the body’s insulin levels are high. The foods high on carbs induce insulin secretion, thus preventing any jet lag.

Also, bring some protein-packed snacks to feel full throughout the journey. Consider protein bars, almonds, crackers, peanut butter, yoghurt, and cheese.

#8 Stay Hydrated

While there isn’t a magic number when it comes to how much water you must drink during the long flight, experts recommend drinking more than usual to prevent dehydration.

Sip mineral or lemon water at regular intervals.


Finally, if you’ve negative thoughts and fears regarding your upcoming long flight, talk to your family or friends who have travelled in the past. They may have some words of wisdom which they are willing to share.