Swim Fusion Mermaids


Swim Fusion – a fusion of live skills and swimming (and Mermaiding)!

Not only is swimming a great form of exercise – releasing those all-important happy hormones – but also it’s a great social and confidence-boosting activity for your little ones. Swimming parties provide the perfect opportunity to let the kids loose with their friends in a safe environment, and since 2017, Swim Fusion brings extra magic to the mayhem with their very own bespoke Mermaid experiences.

Mermaid parties and sessions have proved popular up and down the country over the years, and Swim Fusion is proud to have been offering the very first sessions in Kent. So far, the feedback has been consistent: children really feel like Mermaids and Mermen for the day, and at the end, they just want to do it all over again. So why not let your little ones don their tails, dive into the deep and embark on their own mesmerising Mermaid experience?

Swim Fusion Mermaids

Camilla runs junior swim school Swim Fusion at Risebridge Farm in Goudhurst, and offers personalised Mermaid parties and sessions for children aged 6 or over, who can swim a minimum of 25 metres unaided. Children must also be able to submerge their face fully whilst swimming, tread water, lift their knees whilst turning 360 degrees, and sustain a dolphin kick for 5 metres. Each session includes a programme of structured water-based Mermaid activities, plus plenty of free swimming time during which the kids can really make a splash by showing off their aquatic skills. Mermen and sharks also welcome.

For more information on how to create a memorable Mermaid experience, visit our dedicated Facebook page HERE. Or if you’re looking for private swimming lessons with an experienced instructor – covering a programme of stroke technique as well as invaluable lifesaving skills – then check out our Facebook page HERE. For any other enquiries, please email info@swimfusion.com / call 07733450733 or visit the Swim Fusion website HERE.