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Switzerland on a budget – 7 tips you should follow

Switzerland on a budget

Switzerland is probably the most beautiful travel destination in the world. The place looks like a dream, you might even have to pinch yourself to remind yourself that Switzerland is real.

The delicious chocolate, cheese, and green, lush rolling hills will have you mesmerized. However, the expensive water, $8 cappuccinos, and $17 McDonald’s burgers are a bit shocking to see.

It is no surprise that Switzerland is one of the more expensive countries. Which makes it easy to justify why many travelers either choose to skip this country or go there when they’re older. But you only live once, so might as well live every moment and figure out a way to do so.

After you read ahead, you might even start packing because it is possible to travel to Switzerland without breaking your bank. You don’t have to deplete your travel funds, and it is achievable, but how?

Here are seven tips that will help you to travel to Switzerland on a budget.

Tip 1: Use Couchsurfing

The dorm rooms are supposed to be cheaper, here though, they start at $30 to $40 per night. So, the first thing you may want to do is lower your accommodation cost. You can do that with the help of Couchsurfing.

This service allows travelers to stay at a local’s house for free. It is definitely a lifesaver. It will help you to cut down a lot on your expenses. This is a very popular service that almost every traveler uses when they visit Switzerland. So, you should put in multiple requests early on, and don’t hesitate when you do that.

 Tip 2: Use Traserbas

By using Traserbas, you can very easily book a vehicle for travel purposes at very affordable prices. Here is only one step involved, and that is by emailing or calling them.

They will arrange a vehicle according to your need, and they guarantee a fair and affordable pricing point. The vehicles are maintained and kept clean. They also have a cancellation policy. So, if at any point you want to cancel your booking, you are allowed to.

By pre-booking a vehicle from Traserbas, you can ensure yourself a hassle-free experience and makes it a lot easier for you. You can book for yourself or even others, a vehicle will be provided to you with ease and at an affordable price.

Traserbas keeps its process simple, with no registration required and no booking tools involved, anyone who is new to this can easily book themselves a vehicle with no hassle. You can even request a personal booking service, and Traserbas will help you with the booking. They accept payment in cash or by card, they also accept wire transfer.

Tip 3: Utilize Hotel Points

If you are staying at a hotel, you must get all the information about the reward points. These hotel reward points are a big lifesaver. You may wonder that hotels are so expensive, and when Couchsurfing is an option, why the reward points.

Using travel hack, you can rack up a few of those reward points before your trip and then use them while you are in the country.

Bonus tip: most of the hotel sign-ups will reward you with around 60,000 reward points. These many points are worth five nights at these hotel chains – Marriott, Hilton, or Starwood.

Tip 4: Quit Drink

Just most of the things in this country, drinks are again obviously very expensive. Beers are around 8 CHF, and wine bottles are around 10 to 25 CHF. If you want to drink, you can stick to hotel bars where you can even get free drinking hours or cheap drinks that will only cost you around 5 CHF.  

Tip 5: Cook by Yourself

Sit-down restaurants can cost you around 40 CHF per person per meal. Hence, eating out is costly here in Switzerland. Buying your own groceries is a better option. This way you can cook yourself a meal, and that will cost you much less.

A week’s worth of groceries and food will cost you around 70-100 CHF, which is close to just one meal in a restaurant. Migros, Spar, and COOP are the major supermarkets, while COOP is the most expensive.

 Tip 6: Go For Veggies

Meat is more expensive as compared to vegetables. So vegetables are the way to go. Every Swiss resident has a limit on their consumption of meat because it is that expensive.

Beef is the most expensive meat, so you might want to ignore that. If you stick to your veggies, you’ll save up. A piece of meat can cost you around 12-14 CHF, so vegetables sound better.

 Tip 7: Try Lunch Specials

If you still are planning to eat out, you can plan your lunches out. Lunch specials cost way less, around 10 to 19 CHF. You can save more by sticking to more ethnic restaurants like Chinese, Thai, Indian, or Middle Eastern. They have the best deals and give the biggest portion. And their price points are on the lower side, around 10 CHF.

In a Nutshell

All in all, Switzerland is definitely worth it. These tips prove that you can, and anyone can do it without breaking your bank. Enjoy the beautiful sights, save up, and later you can treat yourself with some tasty chocolate or cheese, whatever you prefer.

Spending a few days in Switzerland will definitely affect those savings a bit, but will it be worth it? Yes, for a lifetime. This will be one big experience of your life that you can always look back at and even live again.

Enjoy the excursions, fondues, and chocolates all that you can. With these tips, you will find a less expensive option that will make your travel a bit more convenient.