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Tech gift ideas to suit every child this Christmas

Tech gift ideas

There’s no getting away from it – kids love tech. They beg for ‘just one more game’ on your phone, or ‘one more minute, please?’ they plead as screen time ends. So why not give some tech toys as the kids Christmas gifts this year that’ll alleviate any screen time battles and teach them some valuable tech skills without them even realising?

We’ve compiled a list of five tech gift ideas all under £50 that’ll make fab gifts, and there’s one to suit every child.

Tech gift ideas

The Cute One: Robot Dog smart pet

Get out of having to gift a pet that needs housetraining this Christmas and go for this adorable robot dog instead. The little guy comes with a remote control that lets you tell it to move, play music, dance and even blink. You can tap its forehead and he’ll cuddle you, and he’ll even follow you around just like a real dog. And what’s better is he’s easy to feed – just plug him in via his tummy to the charger, and he’ll be good to play again before you know it.

Tech gift ideas

The Scary One: Dinosaur robot

This super-cool tech toy responds to your touch, shaking his head and even changing voices as you touch his head. This dinosaur robot can dance and fight, slide and walk. Perhaps most impressive – or scary?! – of all is that when you hit the fight mode on his remote, he springs into action, roaring and moving as if in battle, then shooting sucker bullets from his back. For extra excitement he also has LED lights in his eyes and an ultra-realistic roar.

Tech gift ideas

The Clever One: Programmable robot

There are 50 actions you can programme on this gesture control robot, which your child can active on the remote. He also can react to hand gesture commands to move back, forwards, left and right. The amazing patrol mode will see him move around the room of his own accord, missing obstacles in his path thanks to a built-in sensor. Kids will love seeing what he can do and trying to teach him new tricks.

Tech gift ideas

The Speedy One: Remote-control car

This powerful remote-control racing car can reach speeds of up to 18 km per hour and can drift just like a real stunt car. It has shock absorbers so it can handle fairly rough terrain (perfect for outdoors), and the controls have been cleverly designed so you can buy two and control them both at the same time allowing for super-speedy races.

Tech gift ideas

The Flipping Great One: Stunt car

A zippy little number, this remote control stunt car can flip over and spin in a circle and keep going. Your child will love learning how to use the remote to get it to do cool tricks and have loads of fun crashing it into walls and watching it flip on its back and zoom off again. As with the car above, you can play with two at once, which is ideal for racing – and avoiding fights about sharing.