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6 ideas for updating a teenager’s bedroom décor

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This is a collaborative post.

I can’t say I would want to return to my teenage years, I was so desperate to be past the years of not being able to make decisions for myself. It’s a funny mid-way time and there are a lot of expectations on you, particularly academically.

One of the things you can do to help your teen through these years is provide a bedroom that meets all their needs. Here are our top six ideas for updating a teenager’s bedroom décor.


There are certain items that are needed in a teen bedroom to make it practical. Obviously they need a place to sleep but they also need a place to work. It’s worth taking a look at combined options if the room is small. If you have more room you could think about upgrading their single bed to a double. Make sure the mattress is the best you can afford as it will help them sleep well and support their body weight properly.


Introduce splashes of their favourite colour into their room by means of paint or wallpaper, carpet and accessories. My advice would be that if they want black bedroom walls just roll with it, you can always change it to white in a year or two but at least they will feel that you listened and heard what they wanted.


Showcasing all their favourite things by using teen posters will add some personality into the room and be a talking point for their friends. This can be a really cost effective way of transforming a room and the posters can be easily replaced each year or season, giving the room and fresh look each time.


Researching the latest gadgets for your teenager’s room is bound to earn you some brownie points. They can use apps on their phone to control things like lighting and don’t forget to look at a television and gaming system – with restrictions for use of course. It is also nice for them to have some decent speakers which they can connect their music up to and you can get some really sleek ones that really add to the decor.

Soft furnishings

Add a blind to specifically help block out the light as it will aid sleep – and those all-important lie in’s (which seem like a distant memory to me now!). Layering a duvet, blankets or a weighted blanket will give them the comfort needed to sleep well in their cosy bedroom. Make sure you encourage them to strip the bed themselves and help you make it with the clean set, it is an essential life skill and one day they’ll thank you for it.


Perhaps consider commissioning a bespoke item for your teen’s room such as a graffiti wall or a display wall for their favourite items or collectibles. It may be a little costly but the effect will be well worth the money and effort. There are so many fantastic options out there to consider. Now which ones to choose?

I hope these have given you some inspiration, good luck!