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That Right Tuition Chat podcast available to download now!

Ad – this is a collaborative post with The Right Tuition Company

The Right Tuition Company, with local tuition centres based in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, has launched a brand new Podcast, starting with a three-episode series called ‘That Right Tuition Chat’. Ideal for any parent interested in having their child tutored or for parents whose children are currently receiving extra tuition.

With a child in Year 4, tutoring is fast becoming a relevant topic for me so I listened to this Podcast with enthusiasm. Arthur’s humour and genuine honesty when it comes to discussing the topic of tutoring is refreshing.

That Right Tuition Chat podcast

In collaboration with Chatty Hatter and recorded with best-selling author Giles Paley-Phillips, this fresh and engaging Podcast includes parental input in each episode and offers an entertaining and informative insight into all things tutoring. Ranging from how to find a tutor to how to approach selective school quizzes (such as the 11+), Arthur gives an in-depth perspective of why Private Tuition can aid a child’s growth not only educationally but also with life-skills.

“Listening and understanding parental concerns, regarding their child’s education and the broader Kent education system, has been at the heart of RTC’s efforts over the past six and a half years. In many ways, this three-episode podcast series seeks to bring together all that we have learnt. We aim to deliver listeners with a fun and informative insight into the world of tutoring. By including parent input into each of the three episodes, we believe that the podcast series acquires an effective balance between fascinating first-hand parental experience and practical, professional advice. We hope that everyone enjoys the podcasts as much as we had fun making them!” comments Arthur.

In Episode 1, find out about the ‘secretive aura’ which can sometimes surround tutoring. Arthur is also joined by Tanya Sena, the parent of a ten year old child, where they discuss the process behind finding the right sort of tutor as well as the potential barriers that may stand in your way once the decision has been made.

Discover the myriad of options for parents in Tunbridge Wells, who are keen to find out more about tutoring and whether it is right for their child as well as the best and worst approaches.

If you are in any way interested in finding out more about the tutoring landscape in Tunbridge Wells, then downloading That Right Tuition Podcast is a must for you!