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The Sought-after Benefits That Will Help Attract The Best Talent

The Best Talent

Currently, the unemployment rate in the US stands at 3.5%. It’s as well estimated that those employees are likely to switch their place of work once every 4.2 years on average. This, therefore, means that, as an employer, you will have to work extra hard when it comes to searching and maintaining promising talent. As professionals often say, a talented employee equals a successful business. However, this doesn’t mean that you go out chasing after top talents by yourself. Instead, you can go ahead and offer competitive benefits packages that potential employees will find hard to resist.

In this article, we shall continue to share the most sought-after benefits you can implement in your company to help attract the best talent.

1.   Flexible Schedules

According to psychologists, a healthy work-life balance is a secret to a happy life. One thing to note is that job seekers now know the value of flexible work hours and are giving it a priority when searching for work. Therefore, if you are looking to attract top talents, you should consider having flexible work hours. It’s known that today’s employees value flexible work schedules over their salary. They want to have time for their family and reduce stress, which is crucial.

2.   Medical Insurance

One’s health should always come first. And there is nothing that feels comfortable than an employee knowing that his or her employer takes care of her health. Offering health insurance benefits you by attracting better candidates as employees feel secure working for you.

Today, employees highly consider health insurance that covers them and members of their immediate family. Therefore, as the business owner, you should remember to include that in your benefits packages.

On many occasions, employers get scared to offer health benefits. This is because the packages can turn out to be expensive and difficult to manage. According to advisors at https://www.zenefits.com/benefits/, you shouldn’t let the complex nature deter you from getting the cover and attracting top talents. Having a system that manages your health packages for your employees reduces the stress of not knowing how to navigate. With a system to track your activities, it becomes easy to pick a cover that matches your employees and one that your business can afford.

3.   Remote Work Options

With the coronavirus pandemic hitting every corner of the world, a lot of things have changed. We now exist in what professionals term the ‘new normal.’ Working from home has become the new lifestyle, and gladly many companies have adopted this. Like having flexible schedules, remote working is a big thing for today’s job market.

One of the reasons why employees may prefer working remotely is that it’s cost-effective. They don’t have to spend their money on fare or fuel to drive to work. Besides, with remote working arrangements, employees enjoy the benefit of living in affordable locations as they don’t have to worry about the distance to work.

Another crucial thing to note is that employees can have more time to be with their family and friends with remote working. This, therefore, means that their work-life balance will be in check and hence great productivity. The remote working environment doesn’t favor the employees alone. It also does benefit you as the employer. With your staff working from home, it means an increase in production. Besides, you won’t have to incur the typical cost of running a physical office now that the employees won’t be around.

4.   Wellness Programs

Currently, the number of weight-related complication cases has been on the rise. The alarming rate has seen many people seek ways to keep their weight in check. If not sticking to a healthy diet, people are stuck to different fitness programs. If you are looking to attract top talents, you should, therefore, consider implementing wellness programs as part of your benefits package.

If your budget allows, you can go ahead and build an onsite gym. There are other ways you can offer wellness programs to your employees if your budget is tight. They include:

  • Yoga classes
  • Healthy snacks and
  • Meditation sessions

5.   Education Loan Assistance

In the recent past, student loan debt continues to rise. With this, it means that employers who are in a position to offer loan or education support are well-placed in the job market as opposed to those who don’t. The only problem is that most businesses don’t offer financial aid to employees for loan debt. Doing so means a lot when it comes to maintaining prospective employees. On a broader view, loan or educational assistance may seem pricey. So, this may scare away the small business owners, especially. However, you must know that the government offsets some of the costs through tax breaks.

6.   Family Leaves

According to research conducted by the Pew Research Center, about half of American homes have both parents working full-time and away from home. This means spending most of the time away from the family hence deteriorating the family bonding.

One thing to note is that many employees understand the benefits of a company that offers a family-friendly environment. Therefore, offering benefits, such as maternity and paternity leave options, can set a huge difference in the kind of nature you attract. From some perspective candidates, family leaves are much more important than other benefits, such as flexible working hours and remote working options.

7.   Casual Dressing

Gone are days when employees had to dress in uncomfortable uniforms. Today, no one wants to work on-premises with those old habits of dressing their staff as students. According to most recruiters, casual dressing is the new norm for those looking to attract promising talents.

Therefore, if you are looking to bring onboard promising talents, it would help if you gave your employees the chance to dress casually. Offering them this opportunity makes them feel at ease and hence deliver as per the expectations. You don’t have to go messy with casual dressing. You can set up some guidelines on what is considered decent and what should come in the office.

Currently, the rate at which people are switching jobs is alarming. As an employer, it’s upon you to work on retaining your employees and attract more potential. Listed in this article are benefits packages that you can introduce to your business to act as a magnet to promising talents out there. By reading through the piece, you will find out which options you can adapt based on your budget.