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An Easy Guide To Throwing Your Child The Ultimate Birthday Party

The Ultimate Birthday Party

When your kids are still young, planning for their birthday party is on par with their weddings as grownups! It’s a pretty huge deal. While you might complain to your spouse and friends about how stressful it is to put up a party together, most likely you’re low-key enjoying every single moment of it because they do grow up in a blink of an eye.

You probably start planning months ahead and your Pinterest ‘Birthday’ board is swamped with links for decoration ideas, best cakes, and entertainment activities that you must have at your kid’s birthday party.

The details are endless and you can burn out trying to go through a meter-long to-do list. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! You can throw your child the ultimate birthday party without putting yourself through the wringer. Here’s an easy guide to help you do just that:

Plan Ahead

You guessed it! Giving yourself enough time to plan is the easiest way to make sure your kid’s birthday party comes out exactly the way you want it. If you ask any professional event planner, they’ll tell you that preparation is the key. Not only will you be able to think of all the details, but you’ll also get the chance to do it in a relaxed manner without any rush.

According to lifestyle queen Martha Stewart, 6 weeks is a fair planning period for an amazing birthday party. During this phase, you should decide on the theme, which shouldn’t be that difficult. If your child is big enough to pick one themselves, then you’ve been hearing about it for a few months now. Otherwise, you can take inspiration from your child’s favorite nursery rhyme.  You should also draw up the guests’ list to decide on the budget and choose a suitable venue.

Get Inspired

This is by far the most fun part of planning a birthday party. Looking at magical birthday parties and pictures of happy kids isn’t such a bad way to spend your time. Especially, when it’s part of your important research to learn about the latest trends in the unicorn world of kids’ birthdays.

Pick up party magazines, browse through Pinterest and also visit this site to get inspired by new ideas. However, you should keep in mind that this can easily get overwhelming if you don’t do a good job in the previous step of ‘planning ahead’.

There’s a good chance you’ll get too excited that you’ll want to incorporate all the fun ideas under the sun. So, make sure you limit your browsing time and once you’re set, move onto the execution part.

Invite The Guests

Use the list you created during the planning phase to make the official invites. E-invites aren’t only cheap and fast, they’re also very cool for older children. You can even create a catchy email address for the occasion and send out group emails to all of your guests.

On the other hand, DIY birthday invites make for nice memorabilia. So, involve your child and decide which one is more appropriate, considering your chosen theme and budget. Most importantly, you have to make sure that all your child’s closest friends are present. If you’re planning a limited party, you should either invite all boys or all girls so no one ends up feeling left out.

It’s understandable if your child decides to play favorites. However, you should definitely interfere to make sure the peace is kept in the classroom later on.  Another important detail when sending invites is to consider whether to invite the parents or not. Obviously, for older kids, you’ll have more flexibility in that area. But if your kids are small, you’ll have no choice but to include all the parents.

Think About The Food

You know how much picky-eaters kids can be. Deciding what food to serve will require some creativity from your side.  Instead of fancy gourmet ingredients, look for innovative ways to serve the typical mac and cheese and PB & J sandwiches.

There are thousands of mommy blogs that you can check out to learn how to make fun animal-shaped wraps and how to use dehydrated fruits to prepare the healthier version of gummy candies. The options are endless; as long as you stick to your budget, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices to finish this task as efficiently as possible.

Perfect The Cake

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you have to bake it yourself! Although this could be a really sweet gesture if you’re up for the challenge. However, if baking isn’t one of your strongest suits, your child’s birthday party probably isn’t the right time to put your skills to the test. Especially as the cake is usually a hero item in children’s birthday parties.

Many people make the mistake where they focus too much on the shape and design of the cake at the expense of the taste. It’s understandable because the truth is that kids will gobble down anything just because it tastes sweet! So, it makes sense to make sure the cake at least makes for lovely photos. However, if you’ll be inviting adults to the party, this scheme won’t fly.

Find a reputable bakery that can give you the best of both worlds. An amazing interpretation of your child’s favorite cartoon character as well as a yummy taste that your guests will continue to talk about for months to come.

Don’t Forget the Favors

Your child’s grandparents probably won’t get the idea of handing out gifts to birthday party guests! However, you definitely understand how happy and excited kids get when they feel included in the whole gift-receiving thing. While you should consider giving away favors, they don’t have to be expensive by any means. A nice mug with a sweet thank you note and some naughty candy will do the trick. It’s also a good chance to teach your kid about sharing the part of the spotlight with their friends.

Planning your child’s birthday party is a lot of work. But remember that you can always delegate and ask for help from friends and family. Besides, watching your child have the time of their lives with their friends will surely be worth all the trouble that you go through.