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30 things to do at home with the kids!

30 things to do at home with the kids during lockdown!

Looking for things to do at home with the kids during lockdown? I am too! Which is why I asked the My Tunbridge Wells readers as well as blogger friends for their recommendations. Admittedly this blog post has taken a while to put together because there are just sooooooo many things I could include so I’ll be dividing it up into separate posts over the coming weeks starting with this one! I hope it’s helpful and if you have anything to add to it, please do get in touch. For more ideas, sign up to the newsletter here!

♥  Have you heard about the 30 Day Lego Challenge?  A great way of doing it is setting up a WhatsApp group (or similar) for your child and their friends or family where they can do the same challenge each day and then share their pics!

♥ We haven’t done this yet but a few friends have organised sleepovers / camping for their kids in their living room. I’m guessing it can go one way or the other, but at least they don’t have to go far if they can’t get to sleep!

♥  If you can get your hands on some flour, here’s a recipe for salt dough which everyone seems to be talking about at the moment. It’s definitely one of the best sensory activities for kids! Make necklaces with it (shape the salt dough into beads before cooking it and then paint them before threading them through) or make a salt dough hand or foot print! Salt dough!

♥ We recently purchased these Grow Me Be Happy sunflower kits which are £3.99 each and they are growing so so well. We love seeing how they have changed each morning when we come downstairs and although we are growing them in the house at the moment, we will move them to the garden over the coming weeks.

♥  Invest in some chalk pens for glass to decorate your windows (they can be wiped clean) – these ones are apparently fab!

♥  Freckles have some fantastic craft care kits which you can purchase via Freckles online. Laura (the amazing Mrs Freckle) offers contactless delivery in our local area. Go go go!

♥ Make some cookies and decorate them in whatever way you like – this is an opportunity to get really creative! The Ramblings of Lottie shares a basic sugar cookie recipe which we are going to try.

♥ Or what about making some mars bar fudge in the slow cooker? Weight out the ingredients together, mix it together and wait for the magic to happen. You could always drop some over into your neighbours for extra brownie points!

♥  Dressing up box! Lots of kids love dressing up and putting on shows. Encourage them to make tickets, posters and take some time out to relax while they rehearse!

♥  Marble runs! I actually think I might enjoy this more than the kids…We have this 200 piece marble run from marboulous and have had loads of fun with it over the last few years. It’s one of those toys that they don’t play with every day but you can take it out every once in a while and they love it!

♥  The Happy Design Company have some fantastic downloads in their ‘fun freebies’ section as well as several other bundles in their online shop – all created by a talented Tunbridge Wells mum!

♥  Get arty! Check out ARTsCOOLuk on Facebook for their daily art activities for kids and ARTventures on Facebook for some fantastic ideas too!

♥ Feeling bubbly? Lisa’s Notebook has some super ideas for science experiments with bubbles which you can easily do at home.

♥  Friendship bracelets! Have fun creating friendship bracelets using colorful beads with the kids for their friends.

♥ Check out Feed the Broods’ blog post on Cookery Skills for Kids during Lockdown! She has put together a Cookery Skills wishlist and has lots of tips and resources for children of all ages.

♥  Aquabeads! My boys really like these. We took them on holiday last year and they spent hours making different designs. You could make rainbow shapes and hang them in your window or on the tree of thanks in Southborough common (if you live near it).

♥ Make a normality jar – put in a note a day of things you want to do and places you want to visit when the Covid-19 Crisis is over…

♥  Keep happy, healthy & active at home by exploring new ways to eat well, move well, sleep well and feel well with Nuffield Health’s free wellbeing activity programme!

♥ Check out Science Sparks which has some great (and fairly simple) science experiments.

♥  Make crayon pictures – melting crayons with a hairdryer. A great way to use up old crayons and create something pretty different!

♥ Make a time capsule of things you have done during lockdown – crafts, letters, pictures, thoughts etc. or write a daily diary? I’m planning to put a scrapbook together with pics and memories from what we got up to and how we felt throughout all of this (we’ll see if I actually do it!)…

More things to do at home with the kids during lockdown…

♥  Who would have known there are sooooooo many things you can do with toilet paper rolls? Here are 101 of them!

♥  Make cakes and cookies! There are lots of ideas out there! If you fancy something that’s tasty but often healthy too then check out Ciara’s Instagram page from My Fussy Eater – she has loads of fab ideas for cakes and cookies as well as plenty of main meals too.

♥  Cornflour play! Add water and let your children feel how it is hard but runny!  All ages like it and it’s very therapeutic. You can put it in a tray and add cars / animals too.

♥  We have a box full of toy kitchen food, tea sets and utensils which all of my kids love playing with as well as a toy cash register. Encourage the kids to set up a shop and get involved buying things from them. You could also get them to write a shopping list…

♥  Teach your kids how to make dinner / lunch / breakfast! Oooh I like this idea. We got the kids to make their own pizzas using tortilla wraps earlier and it worked a treat!

♥ Continuing with the food theme, how about painting some apples? Becca from ‘Doing My Best’ blog had a lovely morning being creative with her toddler. Make sure they are old apples (to eliminate waste) and try using other fruit and veg too!

♥ Have an afternoon of board games! I love a board game and am trying to encourage my kids to like them too. Good ones to play together for primary school age kids include Junior Monopoly, UNO (card game), Trivial Pursuit Family Edition, Draughts and Guess Who! My 8 year old also really likes Chess which we must play more of. For more ideas, have a look at Northamptonshire Mums and Kids blog for the best board games for kids voted by Mums.

♥  Snuggle up together in a cosy corner (my little ones like to sit in their pop-up tent) and read a favourite storybook. Throw yourself into it and use lots of authentic voices for the characters. You could even use some hand or finger puppets too and set up a tent. If you don’t have time to read, then I can highly recommend David Walliams’ Elevenses audio stories which are free!

♥  Make a Stop Animation Movie with your kids. This looks like something my older two would really like! Thank you to Chloe Meyers for sharing her video. Chloe recommends the Stop Motion app.

♥  Fill a bottle with 1/3 water and 2/3 oil. Then add a teaspoon of food colouring followed by an alka seltzer tablet and put the lid on. It creates a lava lamp type thing!

♥  Use large cardboard boxes to keep this kids entertained – sit them in it and let them decorate the inside with felt tips, build a fort with it, make a dolls-house or a den! The options are endless!

♥  Cover the dining room table in brown paper and tape it all down. Mess free doodling!

♥  This video is a great activity for families to do together! I’m incredibly unartistic but it doesn’t look too tricky? Let me know what you think?

♥  Pop on over to local charity Fegans, which cares for children and families. They have some really helpful articles on how to support children and teenagers at the moment as well as boredom busters and a virtual pre-school!

♥  Teach your child how to count money using muffin tins. We are definitely going to try this!

♥  Continue the rainbow magic! We have seen some lovely pavement chalk drawings and messages on our daily exercise. Get creative and write your own message outside your home too!

I hope you found this blog post highlighting 30 things to do at home with the kids during lockdown useful?

Before the kids go off to bed, make sure they help to tidy up (I wish I had implemented this sooner with mine). Happy Homemade Home has some fab post about ways to encourage children to tidy up!

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