Tiger Stripes Birth & Baby

At Tiger Stripes Birth & Baby, we are passionate about supporting you and your family on your journey from pregnancy and into parenthood.

​With a range of antenatal education class options and gentle baby classes, we aim to provide the information you need to make the choices that are right for your birth and support you to become a confident parent.

Antenatal Classes

We have antenatal education classes to suit both first time parents and those who have done it all before. All of our antenatal education content is midwife devised and updated regularly so you can be sure you are getting accurate, quality information.

Tiger Stripes Classic Antenatal Course is designed to prepare you and your partner (although single parents very welcome) from pregnancy, through birth to early parenthood and postnatal recovery.

  • 5 Week course on a Tuesday Evening in Tunbridge Wells, 7.30pm – 9.20pm

£175 per couple. Booking through the website

Pure Hypnobirthing

Pure Hypnobirthing offers strategies for a calm, confident and positive birth, no matter what that means to you. We explore relaxation, visualisations, partner techniques, breathing and much more.

  • 3 week course on a Sunday afternoon 4pm – 6pm
  • £190 per couple Booking through the website
  • Langton Green Village Hall

Tigress Empowered Birth

Tigress Empowered Birth is a women only class involving movement for labour and birth, relaxation and education topics on pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

​6 week course on a Sunday evening 7.15pm – 8.45pm

£65 per person Booking through the website

Cub Hub Baby Classes

Our Cub Hub Baby Classes are age appropriate and baby led. This means that they are relevant to your baby’s stage of development and won’t leave them over stimulated. The classes usually run in 6 week blocks which grow with your baby and they move up classes as you decide they are ready.

New Mamas & Newborns class is designed to support you through the haze of the first few weeks of parenthood. We cover topics at the forefront of your minds sand create a safe space for questions and supporting each other.

  • Fridays 11.35am St Philips Church Hall, 5 Birken Road, £45 – 6 week course

Cubs Baby Massage is a lovely way to bond with your new baby and learn to read their cues more easily. It also has many benefits for baby such as relaxation, colic relief and aids digestion.

  • Thursdays 2pm St James Church Hall, 1 Ferndale £51
  • Fridays 10.30am St Philips Church Hall, 5 Birken Road £51

Cubs Adventurers

A developmental course based around movement and with lots of songs and sensory play. This is mainly yoga for baby, but there is some movement for Parents too!

  • Thursday 3.10pm St James Church Hall, 1 Ferndale £51
  • Fridays 9.20am St Philips Church Hall, 5 Birken Road, £51

Visit Tiger Stripes Birth & Baby online to see course dates, book your place and to find out more. Say hello on Facebook and Instagram too.