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Top Tips for Visiting the Isle of Wight

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Following our recent visit to the Isle of Wight (which you can read all about HERE), I thought it would be useful to put together a blog post with some of our top tips for visiting this beautiful island. Here they are…

♥  Visit Blackgang Chine first!

Blackgang Chine tickets are valid for seven days, so if you are staying on the island for more than a couple of days and want to get your money’s worth then visiting Blackgang Chine at the beginning of your holiday is a good idea so you can visit it again and again! This is the same for Robin Hill Country Park. Plus there’s a combined ticket option (also valid for seven days) for both attractions too.

tips for visiting The Isle of Wight

♥  Check the times at The Needles for last entry 

We arrived at The Needles Landmark Attraction at around 1pm. As well as going on the chair lift ride, visiting the kids rides and arcade and playing on the beach, we had also planned to go to the 4D Cinema, the sweet making workshops and the Alum Bay glass making demos. The 4D Cinema, Sweet Making Workshop and glass making demos all have slots at specific times. Luckily we made it to the last 4D Cinema slot and to the last glass making demo, but sadly we missed the Sweet Making workshop. If we had checked the times before going on the chair life and to the beach, we could done one of these activities first.

♥  Hold onto your hats  

It was actually quite funny but one of my boy’s hats flew off when we were watching the Hovercraft depart from Southsea back to Ryde. My husband had to climb over a barrier to fetch it. So lesson learned? Hold onto your hats!

family break on the Isle of Wight_Monkey Haven

♥ Check out the daily activities at Monkey Haven

Before you go to Monkey Haven, it is worth having a look at the timetable for activities taking place there, so you don’t miss out on any of the things you would like to see. This includes Monkey Brunch, Meerkat Mayhem, Having a Hoot with the Owls and Reptile Rendevous. We particularly enjoyed Meerkat Mayhem and Monkey Brunch! You can see the full schedule HERE.

♥  If you are looking for shade…

Although certain parts of Robin Hill Country Park are exposed to the sun (in particular the toboggan run area), there are loads of shaded areas which are perfect for anyone looking to escape the sun for a little while! In particular, at the Tree Top Walks and the African Adventure Playground.

♥  Make a packed lunch (ideally the night before)  

I don’t know about yours, but my kids seem to constantly want to eat, especially on days out! They start asking for their lunch at around 11am (or sometimes as soon as we get in the car) so having a packed lunch with us is soooooooo much easier and budget friendly too. We’ll often get an ice cream or treat while out but having a packed lunch with us is more convenient than anything…

tips for visiting The Isle of Wight

♥  Decide what to do, depending on the weather

This may sound obvious, but it is worth checking the weather before deciding exactly what you are going to do each day. Some of the places to visit have good indoor options too (Tapnell Farm for example) and could be saved as somewhere to go when the weather is a bit uncertain, while other places (Appley Beach for example) are much more appealing when it is sunny!

 ♥  Don’t look down…

The Chairlift ride at The Needles Landmark Attraction is a brilliant experience and something I’m glad we did. We went straight to the Chairlift on arrival at The Needles and if we had gone to the viewpoint first (where you can see the chairlifts going down to the sea) I’m not quite sure if I or my children would have had the courage to go on it.

♥  Bring Cash for Parking

We found that many of the carparks on the Isle of Wight required cash only to pay for parking, so it’s always worth having a decent stash of cash in your wallet before heading off anywhere.

If you are planning to visit The Isle of Wight in September/October 2018, there’s an Isle of Wight ‘We’re Going on a  Bear Hunt’ event at St Helens Duver on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September 2018 and a Bear Hunt themed Isle of Wight Literary Festival Youth Zone from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st October. Check out the Visit Isle of Wight website HERE for find out more. 

Disclosure: This blog post was written as part of a campaign I am working on with Visit Isle of Wight. The campaign was unpaid but we did receive complimentary travel, accommodation and entrance to several attractions. Everything mentioned above is my honest opinion. Thank you to Visit Isle of Wight for inviting us to stay on this fantastic island!

family break on the Isle of Wight

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