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Top five tips for getting a good night’s sleep

Tips for getting a good nights sleep

With two young children, some might think that I would fall into bed each night and have a good night’s sleep if my little gremlins allow…….Well, that’s not always the case – in fact a few months ago, I found myself lying awake with different thoughts going around and around in my head and although I knew I needed to get some sleep, I just found it so difficult to drop off.

So after doing a bit of research, I came up with a plan to help combat this problem and to be able to fall into a deep sleep relatively quickly. I have started to put some of these things into action already and I can see a noticeable improvement. So here are my top 5 tips for getting a good night’s sleep:

#1 Avoid avoid avoid!

color-correct-coffeeCaffeine, wine and too much food will not help you to get a good night’s sleep. I have limited my coffee intake to literally just one cup a day. In the morning. It is tempting to have more than this but I think I am quite sensitive to caffeine and can feel quite jittery if I have even more than one cup.

Although alcohol will make you feel sleepy, it will definitely not help you get a good night’s sleep. I mean, do any of you wake up in the morning after a few glasses of wine and actually feel full of energy and like you have had a great night’s sleep. I know I don’t! Obviously I haven’t cut out alcohol completely (I am Irish afterall) but I am trying to limit to just a Friday and Saturday evening (I am typing this blog post with a glass of Prosecco beside me. Oops….but it is a Friday!).

If you really want to have something that helps you sleep then a nice peppermint tea and banana should definitely help…..

#2 Get yourself a good mattress

Five tips for getting a good night's sleep - Bruno Mattress - My Tunbridge WellsThere is nothing worse than sleeping on a poor quality mattress. I have been through a few mattresses in my time and in addition to finding it difficult to get to sleep, I have been waking up with back-pain on many’s a morning.

I have started to do quite a bit of research on mattresses and have come across a product called the Bruno. I am told this is an intelligent mattress, providing perfect sleeping comfort, premium (mostly organic) materials and a unique design. It is reasonably priced and 100% made in Germany, so it’s got to be good quality. Right?

5 tips for getting good night's sleep - Bruno Mattress - My Tunbridge Wells Each component of the Bruno mattress is perfectly engineered and extensively tested, offering a superior sleeping experience. The foam adjusts itself to the body providing the desired firmness level, meaning you don’t need to compromise on getting the exact mattress that suits both you and your partner.

This Bruno sounds like it is definitely worth a try! Given that we sleep in our beds almost every night of the year (well I certainly do), I really believe that investing in a good mattress is hugely important and an essential, not a luxury.

The Bruno cover is made of 100% cotton and the climate fibres provide optimal ventilation during sleep.For more formation on the Bruno mattress, check out the Bruno website here.

#3 Turn off the technology

5 tips for getting good night's sleep - My Tunbridge Wells This is such a difficult one, especially if you are just a little obsessed with social media (like me). However turning off the technology around an hour before you attempt to go to sleep really does help.

Try getting into bed, switching off your wi-fi / mobile data and challenge yourself to NOT look at your phone until the next morning. Honestly, it really will help. I now just need to practice what I preach. The theory behind it Apparently the glare from your laptop / iPad / phone makes your brain think it is daytime, therefore taking you longer to fall asleep. If you are a Kindle fan like me, it is apparently ok to look at it before bed though. Phew!

#4 Get into a routine and develop your own rituals

Five tips for getting a good night's sleep - My Tunbridge WellsI know it’s not always easy, but trying to go to bed at the same time each night and getting up at the same time each morning can help a lot with falling asleep quickly. I am never going to be an ‘early to bed’ kind of gal but at least if I aim to go to bed at around the same time and if I can persuade the gremlins to wake up at a similar time each morning, then I am sure this will make a difference. Now I just need to try it….

Also developing your own rituals can really help too. I am a big fan of essential oils and Neal’s Yard Remedies has a lovely product called ‘Remedies to Roll‘ which you roll a few times on pulse points and which is recommended for soothing and unwinding and promoting calm and relaxation.

If you use sleeping aids and equipment to help you get a good night’s sleep, make it a habit to clean or properly maintain you use. Equipment like air purifiers and CPAP machines work best if they are kept in optimal order. Take the time to disinfect such accessories so they don’t become breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

#5 Exercise!!!!

5 tips for getting good night's sleep - My Tunbridge Wells - Run or DyeI am getting married next year (Eek!) so have started to ramp up the exercise in a bid to loose baby weight and really try to feel my best on my big day – those wedding photos will hopefully be around for a long time!

I literally cannot emphasise how much exercise is starting to transform my life – in addition to speeding up my weight loss, it really does wonders for my mood, gives me some ‘ME’ time and……helps me sleep!

I have noticed on the days when I exercise, sleep definitely comes to me more easily. I had been simply running three times per week but as the winter nights are drawing in, I knew that I would find it more difficult to go out for a run, so I am currently in my first week of a 12 week programme with the wonderful Racahel from Fitness 360. Watch this space….

I do hope this blog post hasn’t sent you to sleep 😉 Or maybe I do…….Anyway thanks for reading this far and I would love to hear your tips for getting a good night’s sleep too 🙂


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