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10 tips for creating a travel scrapbook

creating a travel scrapbook

Have you ever created a travel scrapbook?

I like to create a travel scrapbook each summer to include all of our adventures across a few months. I do it in chronological order, use a mini polaroid camera to take pics and then stick them in the scrapbook with the kids before creating captions.

I like to add in some cute graphics as well as labels for some of the pics. It’s a lovely thing to look back on and keeps the children out of mischief as least for a little while! We don’t just do it for the summer holidays, we’ll often do one around Christmas and sometimes Easter and Halloween too. Fancy trying to create a travel scrapbook too? Here are my 10 tips for doing it:

The best type of travel scrapbook?

Choose what type of scrapbook you would like to have. There are lots of options out there, from using polaroid pics and captions (that’s my preferred way to do it) to drawing your own pics and memories to a mainly text based journal. You could also look at including  memorabilia too or using full sized pics for your travel scrapbook. Choose a method that works for you and roll with it. You can always change the format for your next one. Nothing is set in stone!

Play to your strengths

Drawing / sketching is just not my strong point. In face I struggle to draw stick-people! Instead, I use svgs to place fun graphics throughout my travel scrapbook, making it look more characterful and colourful. There are literally thousands to choose from with tons of different themes.

Get the kids involved

My children love taking the polaroid pics and my 8 year old, with some encouragement, will help me to come up with the captions too.

My five year old enjoys sticking them in to the travel scrapbook with our glue stick and my 1 year old just causes havoc while we are doing it! I don’t aspire for perfection so if it isn’t as neat and tidy as I would ideally like it to be, so what? The main thing is that you enjoy the process and have something sentimental to look back on for years to come.

Keep your travel scrapbook simple

Choose a really simple format – a certain number of pics on each page, a few fun graphics and a certain length caption. I prefer filling more pages and having less content crammed into each one. Less is sometimes more!

creating a travel scrapbook

Little and often

We find it better to fill in our scrapbook each week, rather than leaving it all until the end, however do what works for you. I find I forget the smaller details if I leave it too long and sometimes the kids loose interest if we try to sit down and do it all!

Save notes in your phone

I absolutely love the Evernote app for saving notes in my phone. Create a note for your travel scrapbook and quickly update it each time you think of something to add. You can then refer back to it when working on your creation.

Store your travel scrapbook somewhere safe

We love looking back over our previous travel scrapbooks and always store them somewhere accessible around the house. Make sure the kids can take it out and look over it and have a look at your / their progress over the last few years. My first attempt is quite different from my more recent ones but I enjoy looking through all of them!

Have plenty of stock

If you are going down the mini polaroid route, then make sure you have plenty of film in case you run out as well as batteries for the camera. You’ll need a glue stick too and some nice looking pens to write your captions.

Also think about what you will write your captions on? We use plain white label stickers which we cut in half. Whatever you decide to use, just make sure you have plenty of it so you aren’t scrabbling around trying to look for it during your travel scrapbooking session.

Have fun with it

At the end of the day, you are doing this for fun so try not to stress if it isn’t neat and tidy or doesn’t look exactly how you want it to look. It doesn’t matter!

Having this lovely item as a memory of your travels is more important. Don’t wait for perfection as it more than likely won’t come. I have learned that the hard way. Most importantly, have fun with it.