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Why Is It Good To Travel Alone?

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It’s great to travel with others, and enjoying some time away with family and friends is something that can be good for the soul and for your health (both mental and physical). However, it can also be good to travel alone. In fact, travelling alone has many benefits that you simply can’t get in any other way. Just escaping from it all, experiencing new things, and enjoying the advantages of being by yourself can be a life-changing experience in an extremely positive way. Here are some of the reasons why.  

You Can Leave Your Comfort Zone 

When you travel with friends or family, even if you attempt new things and go exploring, they will be there to keep you in your comfort zone. You need to be alone to genuinely grow and exit that comfort zone to have a chance to learn more about yourself.

Make some goals before you depart on your solo vacation to keep things simple. This will give you a sense of purpose and make it simpler to figure out what you should be doing. These goals should be something you would never ordinarily do or even consider; again, you need to move outside of your comfort zone in order to truly live, and you won’t be able to do so if you are among people from whom you want to seek counsel and support. You might even decide that you need an ILR application once you’re out of your comfort zone and truly living your life. 

You Will Be Self-Reliant 

When you are with a group of other people, it can be easy to fall into the habit of relying on other people far too much. When this happens, you won’t learn how to do things for yourself, and you might even lose some confidence in yourself without even realizing it. Therefore, if you are on your own and have to answer your own questions and work out your own answers, not only will you gain confidence, but you will gain skills too.  

There will always be decisions to be made when you are travelling, and if you are the one who has to deal with them from day one, you can be completely self-reliant, which is an important trait to have. Start with choosing exactly where you want to go. Then book your own tickets and transport. Work out an itinerary and where you are going to sleep each night when you are travelling.  

Once you have reached your destination, you will need to take each day as it comes and make decisions as you go – this is hugely freeing and massively beneficial. 

You Can Be Flexible

Travelling with others can sometimes be stressful. They might want to do one thing, and you might want to do something else. At some point, someone will have to compromise and potentially miss out on something that they have long wanted to see or experience. Alternatively, you might have plans in place, and then an opportunity comes up that seems too good to miss; only your travelling companions would rather not change their plans.  

When you are travelling alone, you can be as flexible as you want to be. If an opportunity presents itself and you want to do it, you can – you don’t have to check with anyone else to make sure no one’s plans are disrupted. You can change your itinerary as you want to, or even dispense with one altogether if you prefer. It’s your adventure, so you can do as you please.