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How To Continue Travelling During Lockdown

How To Continue Travelling During Lockdown

Lockdown has been tough for many reasons, including the vast amount of time we have had to spend in the house and of course home educating our kids. But, if you’re an avid traveller, I can imagine it’ must be really tricky too?

Not being able to indulge your wanderlust gene could make you feel cooped up and suffocated, two emotions that are toxic. With no signs of major changes to the policy on the horizon, it could be a while before normality ensues.

However, all isn’t as it appears. Yes, there are more restrictions on movement, yet this doesn’t mean you can’t get your fill of adventure. Here’s how to continue travelling during the quarantine.


Normally, you’d stay in the country when you can’t go abroad. In this case, a staycation isn’t possible because the “stay” part is illegal. What is legal, though, is leaving the house for a day as long as you return to your home at night.

With that in mind, you can choose to go anywhere you want in the United Kingdom. Pick a place that you’ve never experienced before so that the sights, smells, and noises are new and fresh. Then, try and recreate the things you’d do on holiday.

Take pictures, drink during the day (if you’re not driving), and make frivolous purchases. Go on – you’re on your jollies!

How To Continue Travelling During Lockdown

Armchair Tourism

Thankfully, travelling is a hobby for you and you don’t rely on it to make money. Travel bloggers can’t say the same. Their salary is reliant on being able to get out of the house. But, like a lot of entrepreneurs during lockdown, they’ve figured out how to take people on holiday without leaving their homes.

Whether they review old trips or take pictures and shoot videos of their local surroundings, you can find their media online and let them and your imagination transport you to a different world.


Travelling should have a moral aspect to it when people are seriously ill. Enjoying yourself isn’t immoral, but it doesn’t set the right tone when COVID-19 is causing chaos around the world. Luckily, travel and charitable deeds go hand in hand.

A charity bike ride from Lands End to John O’Groats could be an idea that makes money and helps you see more of the country. If cycling isn’t your thing, you can run or walk and ask sponsors to contribute.

There are tonnes of options for anybody who wants to donate to a worthy cause and go on an adventure.

How To Continue Travelling During Lockdown

Prepare For Your Next Trip

Finally, why not use your time wisely by planning for your next holiday? While it could take a while for flights to resume and countries to accept British citizens, there are welcoming signs. Air bridges, for instance, could stop travellers from self-isolating, meaning you can go away more often. Compile a Europe bucket list and search for ideas to inspire your next trip. With all the time on your hands, you can invest it in a travel mood board or researching the best destinations off the beaten path.

Getting ready for your travels is perfectly acceptable. Let’s face it – everybody is going to need a holiday when the pandemic is over! I know I definitely will!