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New Tunbridge Wells playground at Calverley Grounds – Top tips for visiting

Tunbridge Wells playground at Calverley Grounds

After posting on the My Tunbridge Wells Facebook page about our visit to the brand new Tunbridge Wells playground at Calverley Grounds, known as Calverley Adventure Grounds,  I had quite a few questions about where it is, when it is open, wheel chair access and whether there is a cost to use it and more!

The park opens to the public tomorrow (Monday 17 September) so I thought I would put together a blog post with my top 10 tips below… Also here’s a little video with a tour of the park:

This brand new Tunbridge Wells playground is aimed to cater for children of all abilities up to the age of 12 and was created by local resident and award-winning landscape architect, Jennette Emery-Wallis who also designed the Princess of Wales Memorial Playground and Tumbling Bay at the Olympic Park.

It has a  completely unique design, telling the story of Tunbridge Wells and it’s surrounding area.  The design promotes imaginative play, exploration and considered risk-taking.  Look out for the Kentish sheep and the super water table which my boys loved. They also really enjoyed playing on the boats which rock back and forth as well as the slide and tractor. I’m looking forward to taking them back to discover other parts of it too.

Tunbridge Wells playground at Calverley Grounds

The Calverley Adventure Grounds team raised an amazing £225k to cover the capital costs of the project and I’m sure this will be an amazing asset to our lovely town. It has certainly given me more incentive to visit the town centre with the kids in tow…

Here are my tips for visiting the new Tunbridge Wells playground at Calverley Grounds and general info you may want to know:

♥  The playground is located at the back of Calverley Grounds (TN1 1BT) in central Tunbridge Wells. We normally use the main entrance just off Mount Pleasant Avenue which is in between Carluccios and Sainsbury’s Metro on the hill (Mount Pleasant) connecting the top and bottom of Tunbridge Wells.

It is based on the old bowling green adjacent to the basketball / tennis courts. If using the main entrance, you will need to walk by the cafe (on your left) and head up the hill. The playground will be directly in front of you.

♥ The Adventure Playground at Calverley Grounds is open 7 days a week, with no opening or closing times, so feel free to use it as early or late as you like!

♥ The nearest carpark for Calverley Ground is The Great Hall Car Park, though Crescent Road Car Park next to the Assembly Hall Theatre is pretty close too. If parking at The Great Hall Car Park, you can use the main entrance into Calverley Grounds or if using Crescent Road, there is a side entrance opposite the entrance to the car park main and next to St Augustine’s Church.

Tunbridge Wells playground at Calverley Grounds

Both car parks require you to pay in advance (as far as I know) via cash, credit card on site or by phone.  You may also get free parking for an hour on Mount Pleasant Road if you are lucky!

♥  There’s isn’t any fee for using the playground – it is free for all!

More tips for visiting the new Tunbridge Wells playground at Calverley Grounds

♥  In terms of accessibility, the playground at Calverley Grounds has been designed to promote inclusivity amongst children with it’s wide slides for carers to accompany children and low enough to lift them on, pathways for wheelchair access to reach equipment such as the same height water pump tables, tactile grooves in hand carved sheep pleasing for visually impaired, sailing boats that swing with teamwork.

Subtle things that help social interaction between children of all abilities in a natural and fun loving environment.

♥  There is a cafe based in the centre of the park. As far as I know, it is open daily and serves teas, coffees, cakes and hot food such as jacket potatoes, sandwiches etc. It is cash only!

The lovely Rustic Cafe is pretty close-by too (next to Assembly Hall Theatre) and there are several cafes and restaurants on Mount Pleasant Road, as well as a decent sized Sainsbury’s Metro.

♥  The nearest toilets are located at the Mount Pleasant entrance (e.g. the main entrance to the park). I am double checking about whether there is a baby change facility there…

Tunbridge Wells playground at Calverley Grounds

♥  There is water and sand at this amazing Tunbridge Wells playground, so if your children are anything like mine, bring a towel and change of clothes!

♥  Lots of people think it is called Calverley Park (including me up until a year or two ago) but it is actually called Calverley Grounds. It doesn’t really matter too much either way but I just thought I would add this in…

♥ The Tunbridge Wells Ice Rink and Father Christmas Grotto is located in Calverley Grounds too. The 2017 Ice Rink will be open from Friday 17 November to Monday 1st January.

Tunbridge Wells playground at Calverley Grounds

Address: Calverley Grounds, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1BT

Visit the Tunbridge Wells Calverley Adventure Grounds website to find out more.

Also if you have any other tips for visiting the new Tunbridge Wells playground at Calverley Grounds please do let me know by commenting below. Thank you!