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Swimming with my sweetie at Puddle Ducks, Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells swimming

Highly Qualified swimming teachers at Puddle Ducks Tunbridge Wells!

Week 3 at Puddle Ducks Tunbridge Wells went ‘swimmingly’ – in case you haven’t seen my previous posts, I was lucky enough to win a half-term of Puddle Ducks swimming classes for my 6 month old and have loved bonding with my baby so far.

Tunbridge Wells swimmingAt week 3’s class, Rebecca (the lovely swimming coach) was joined by another girl who is training to become a qualified Puddle Ducks swimming teacher. We got talking about the training side of thing, and it came as no surprise that the Puddle Ducks teachers need to go through rigorous training before they are qualified to teach. Their training goes above and beyond what most swimming teachers need to do, and I think this is really reflected in the way they teach.

The teachers in training need to do a one week residential Puddle Ducks Baby & Preschool qualification, followed by a 4-6 week active co-teaching phase where teachers practice their skills in real classes under the supervision of a senior teacher. They then undergo an independent internal Puddle Ducks Assessment by a “super teacher” before any new teacher is qualified to teach the classes solo.

Another noticeable difference at Puddle Ducks is that the teacher is always in the pool with the children, rather than standing on the side. I think this makes a big difference in the way the swimming class is taught and gives parents reassurance to have someone experienced in the pool with them and their little cherubs 🙂

If you are thinking of taking swimming lessons in and around Tunbridge Wells, then check out the Puddle Ducks West Kent and East Sussex website here for more information……


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