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Tips to Keeping Your Tyres in Good Condition

Keeping Your Tyres in Good Condition

If you are quite new to driving, you will fall into one of two broad categories: those who worry excessively if their car is still in good condition, and those who do not give car maintenance a thought until a problem announces that they really should have paid attention to all those warning lights, funny noises and odd smells!

As you get more practised you will leave to trust your vehicle – and your own observational skills – a bit more, but looking after your tyres is something that even quite practised drivers will sometimes neglect, especially if the weather is cold and crouching near the wheel well is an uncomfortable chore. But it should be done: here is how.

Visual Inspection

Once a fortnight or so, go out to your car and spend a good five minutes or so on each tyre. Shine a torch directly onto the tyre, and also across the tyre’s surface as this is a good way to highlight any subtle bulges and dents that might be the first inklings of an issue showing themselves.

What Will a Visual Inspection Show?

Punctures, especially if the offending nail or spike, is still in place, can be incredibly difficult to spot and will sometimes not immediately cause a leak of air (but it will happen, usually once the tyre is warmed and you are driving at speed, so they should never be ignored!) Look for a dark spot or mark, and if you see one, touch it with a bare finger. This will help you ascertain if it is a spot of dirt or an actual penetrating injury to the tyre.

Sidewall problems tend to show as disruptions to the smooth flow of the sidewall. It can show as a bulge where there is a weakness, an area of dimpling or rough texture where something else is at play, or as a gap where pieces of the tyre have begun to crumble out.

What to Do When You Spot a Problem

If it is, for example, a nail that is still in place, you can drive your vehicle if you do not have a spare, but be very slow and careful, going straight to the mechanic to have the tyre repaired or replaced. Do not drive for any other reason!

If your sidewall is bulging or buckled, it is strongly recommended that you do not drive on it. Instead, swap the tyre for your spare, and take the damaged tyre to be fixed or replaced as soon as possible. When you are looking for new car tyres, Kent has good provision and it will not be long before you are back on the road. You can book your car tyres in Kent without paying any upfront payment. Place your orders online at Dartford Tyres today!

Which brings us to a final point: check your spare when you check your tyres! You do not have to check it every time if you are the only driver of that vehicle, but do make sure it is in good condition and properly inflated instead of finding problems when you are a tyre down!


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