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Unexplored Iceland: How Low-Cost Airlines Helped a Country to Become a Travel Brand

Unexplored Iceland

Iceland is a magnificent country with a unique nature. But how did it become so popular? Here’s how low-cost airlines helped it to become a travel brand.

Unexplored Iceland: How Low-Cost Airlines Helped a Country to Become a Travel Brand

Iceland is known for its stunning landscape. Mountains, active volcanoes, and hot mineral springs are the main reason for tourist activity. But the only problem for the average tourist was a very high airfare.

The fact is that Iceland is an island state that is located near Greenland. Traveling by sea is quite expensive. The same goes for air travel. Not every tourist would like to spend a lot of money transferring from point A to point B. But that all changed with the advent of the low-cost airline era.

Low Price

Companies, such as Ryanair and Wizz Air, have made travel around the world more accessible. Today, many inhabitants of Europe, Asia, and America were able to see all Iceland’s beauty. For a country with a population of fewer than 360 thousand people, this was a real shock.

Typically, low-cost airlines offer prices that are 50-80% lower than regular airlines. As a result, one flight is cheaper than train travel. It has helped many international tourists to visit Iceland.

Now even ordinary students can travel. Another plus is that now you can even delegate some papers to someone else. It is enough to ask, “Can you write my paper for me?”

Frequent Promotions

As soon as the first low-cost airlines launched the first flights to Iceland, tourists’ flow began to grow. But the real popularity of such tourism has increased after frequent promotions. Thanks to new flights with special promotions, tourists could save up to 80% of the one-way ticket price.

Some low-cost airlines even offered two tickets for the price of one. This was the reason for the popularisation of air travel. This low price has become especially relevant for students. They even had more money to order papers. Now every student could ask someone, “Can you do my essay?” Plus, Iceland is the perfect country for relaxation and meditation.

Unexplored Iceland

One-Way Tickets

This aspect has become one of the most crucial for most tourists because you don’t have to spend extra for a return flight. This is why one-way tickets have allowed Iceland to increase its annual tourist numbers in 2010 significantly. Usually, tourists had to buy two tickets at once, and it was very expensive. Now the weekend cost has become quite acceptable for the average person from Europe, Asia or America.

Off-Peak Benefits

It is especially beneficial to travel by air if you’re getting red-eye flights. This is a great opportunity to see all the beauty of Iceland. Another advantageous aspect is traveling during non-peak hours or days. Then airlines further reduce ticket prices, and tourists can visit Iceland very profitably.

Another aspect is that even before 2010, this island country did not have such an influx of tourists. Thanks to the price reduction, tourists could enjoy unique landscapes that cannot be found on the mainland of Europe or America.

The Ability to Take Stunning Photos

This is far from the main, but still a plausible reason for the popularisation of air travel. The fact is that Iceland is a country with magnificent nature, fjords, volcanoes, and unique winter nights when the street is as bright as day. Airplane passengers can take great photos by sitting near the windows. Many travellers and bloggers started visiting the country to take great photos.

Comfortable Flight Schedule

When airlines began direct flights to major airports in Iceland, ordinary tourists could plan their travels more easily. The fact is that flights are now available every day and it is now easier for residents of the UK, Canada or many other countries to reach their destination.

In the beginning, there was not a huge flow of tourists, and people found it very comfortable to travel. Sometimes it was possible to take two seats at once since the passengers had a lot more space than the plane could accommodate.

Short Walk to Departure Gates

Accessible gates close to the immigration counter is another plus of the airports in Iceland. Initially, they were built without relying on such passenger traffic. That is why it is very comfortable for all tourists to fly to this country. All you need is 5-10 minutes, and you can travel across the country. The difference is especially noticeable if you’ve ever been to the airport in Beijing or New York. It’s like comparing a rat hole and a cathedral.

But do not forget that frequent flights and affordable tickets are not the main reason for popular tourism in Iceland. This is a very beautiful country that is worthy of your visit. This is one of the best places for introverts and those who want to feel at one with nature. You will not find such landscapes anywhere on the planet. That is why millions of tourists visit this island country every year.