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Top Reasons To Visit Valencia, Spain

Visit Valencia Spain

Valencia is a city quite unlike any other. The third-largest city in Spain it is ideal whether you are looking to nip over for a long weekend, or stay for a two-week vacation. It is the ideal combination of food, drink, culture and sightseeing, as well as having both city and beach life on offer. If you are looking to go to Valencia, or are on the fence over where to head once we can travel, in Visit Valencia you can find the best options to enjoy this city.

Here, you have this guide will show you some of the top reasons to visit Valencia.

The foodie scene

Valencia is known as a real foodie hub and considering it is famous for its paella we are not surprised! It is where paella originated from and so they are said to cook it better than anywhere in the world, so it is well worth finding a beautiful seafront restaurant to eat this from. There are so many types of restaurants in Valencia that you are spoilt for choice. No matter if you are after a Michelin star feast or a rustic, local dish served in a small and cosy eatery, you are spoilt for choice. Whenever you are looking where to eat in Valencia, know there is something to suit all appetites and you won’t be disappointed. Always check out the reviews first and don’t be afraid to step off the beaten track!

The culture

Valencia is a city steeped in history and things to do. One of the most famous things about Valencia is the City of Arts and Sciences and is a cultural and architectural complex. It is one of the twelve treasures of Spain and draws in thousands of visitors every year. The best thing about Vienna is that its culture spans both historical and contemporary. As well as the stunning modern buildings, it also has old Roman foundations and Moorish history. Be sure to head to the Old Town for a taste of art deco and real gothic influences. While here you could either walk or go on foot and remember to look out for its signature ceramic tiles in many different colours!

The beaches

Valencia is known for having some of the best beaches in Spain. While many people think of Valencia as an ideal city break, it also has some of the best beaches in Spain. Lesser known than some of the more mainstream destinations, it means many of the beaches are frequented by locals rather than tourists and are less busy Some of the closest ones to visit and that are nearest to the city is Las Arenas Beach. Some of the other popular beaches in Valencia include Playa la Malvarrosa, Patacona Beach and Playa la Garrofera. Each is just as charming and beautiful as each other, so do your research and decide which one you want to go to before you visit.

The festivals

Valencia is well known for the many festivals that it holds and if you love a party, it is the place for you! There are festivals for everything such as music, theatre, dance and arts depending on what you are looking for. Another of the most famous festivals is Fallas which is to celebrate the arrival of spring. They do this by burning everything that is old and negative from the previous year and features street processions, art and celebrations. It lasts for five days and is a great celebration to go alone, with friends and with family.

The weather

Valencia has 300 days of sunshine throughout the year and is known for having the best weather in all of Spain. If you are after the perfect place to relax on the beach, July and August is the ideal time to go, whereas the Spring or Autumn is better if you want to see all the beautiful sights the city has to offer without getting too hot in the heat. Being in the Med, the sea is perfect for swimming in a lot of the year – and ideal for cooling off when the temperatures soar in the summer months!

It is not too expensive

Unlike other more mainstream Spanish cities, Valencia isn’t as expensive and can be quite affordable,  but it is equally important to have a travel budget to avoid any unforeseen events.. There are many affordable hotels and places to eat, as well as public transport that is just 1,50€ for a ticket. A lot of sights and museums are free and places such as the parks and beaches don’t cost anything to head to. Make sure that you pack a good pair of walking shoes and plenty of water to drink throughout the day.

These are just a few reasons that Valencia needs to be on your radar. With a perfect blend of everything that you will look for in a break away, it is an effortless choice. You will come with so many new memories, photos and wonder just when you can head back to Valencia again…