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Fun activities to do if you are visiting Barcelona with your family

visiting Barcelona with your family

Barcelona is the second most populated city in Spain and it’s located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Europe continent. There are so many sights for the tourists can enjoy when they visit this city and activities to do with the family.

If you are planning a family trip, Barcelona is one of the most fascinating tourist places to visit both in summer and winter. In this article we will show you the different attractions for you and your family.

Barcelona is a cultural city, with museums and surprising modern architecture. There are beaches and natural parks where you can rest, and family events such as movies or street shows. The most acclaimed thing in Barcelona is its high-level gastronomy.

One of the activities that tourists usually do when they travel in a group is to enroll in a Spanish school in Barcelona and take courses to learn to communicate more easily in that city. One of the institutes for study Spanish in Barcelona is Expanish and you can click here to get all the information you need https://expanish.com/school-barcelona/ .

What places should I visit in Barcelona?

Visit the Sagrada Familia

This construction by Antonio Gaudí is the emblem of the city and the most visited monument. Its construction began in 1882 and is expected to finish in 2026, 144 years later. The appearance of the Sagrada Familia is incredible. It has three facades that represent the phases of the life of Jesus: Birth, Passion and Glory. According to the Christian faith, passion is also known as suffering.

This tour will help you to learn a little more about the culture of the country and the architecture of its oldest monuments. The buildings are attractive because they combine ancient and modern styles, which differentiates it from the rest of the cities in Spain.

Bike Tour

If your family wants to know the city on wheels the bike tour is the best option. They will be able to visit parks, historic neighbourhoods, alleys and the port. Besides enjoying the outdoors, it is an option that allows you to be active and have fun at the same time.

In some tours there are professional guides who as the tour progresses tells the history of the emblematic places of the city, thus giving the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of learning.

Learn Spanish in Barcelona

If you are interested in learning other cultures this is a good activity to do during the holidays. There are many Spanish schools in Barcelona where you and your family can take short courses. When you travel, it is useful to know the language of the country you are visiting in order to understand and move more easily.

Study Spanish in Barcelona for tourists does not take more than two or three weeks. A Spanish course in Barcelona is used to learn the basic to communicate with people from the city without depending on a translator.

Taking an intensive Spanish course in Barcelona will help you not only to communicate better but also to have the freedom to explore with your family those places are recommended by the people of the city and they don’t show out in tourism sites.

Walk for La Rambla

This long road has multiple attractions. While you are touring you can come across books, flowers, pastries, fruits and vegetables, architecture of all kinds and souvenirs to please everyone.  La Rambla is ideal for tourists to know all the attractions of Barcelona in one place and get inspired while trying different exotic dishes.

In La Rambla are museums with contemporary and ancient works and street art. Everything in Barcelona has its artistic touch, you have to know that culture is in the blood of this city.

Parque de la Ciutadela

This park is the green lung of the city center. It is recommended to go there to eat under the trees and connect with nature as a family. You can also walk its paths until you meet the Monumental Waterfall or the Castle of the Three Dragons and take pictures to frame when the trip ends.

Magic Fountain of Montjuic

You must see the magical show of music, water and lights that the fountain offers at night. There are different times every day and you can enjoy the show for free. After seeing the show you can go to the cinema or the theater to stay connected with the art of the city

The beach

Barceloneta beach is one of the most popular, its landscape is admirable and it’s always full of people. If you want an intimate place, I recommend you go to northern beaches. In Barcelona there is also the famous nudist beach: Nova Mar Bella.

Tourist viewpoints

If you like the city landscape and want to have a panoramic view to enjoy, you can go to any tourist viewpoint and get the best views. You can also take photos or record videos to remember the trip and see from afar those places that have already visited or those that you will.

Food and more food!

Last but not least, one of the things you shouldn’t forget is visit all the restaurants you see, enter in each one of them. Barcelona has an excellent gastronomic level and many typical dishes that will leave you speechless.

The food of each country gives meaning to the trip and in this case it is the highlight of the city. Food is one of the main reasons to visit Barcelona. Some of the dishes you should try are paella, zarzuela, cold cuts, seafood dishes, tomato bread and Catalan cream.

In addition to these activities we hope that you can visit the entire city and the rest of the country which is interesting from where you look and with a cultural level that has no waste.



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