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Ways technology is changing studying

Ways technology is changing studying

In the present society, technology is used in almost  every phase of our lives. From the past decades, technology has changed the ways of learning. It has lots of impact on the teaching and learning process. According to Rossi and Montgomery, technology is empowering and motivating. It is a tutor, which provides students with immediate feedback, and it can be used to develop a more flexible environment that accommodates students with different learning abilities.

The use of new technology in schools has helped with the learning process. Teachers have a wide range of technology they can use to make learning easier and faster. The interaction with students has also increased. Some platforms have also made learning more enjoyable. For instance, YouTube videos that some teachers incorporate in their lessons. This has helped students familiarise with what the teachers teach in class. This tool is especially useful for practical courses. Some videos are entertaining hence capture the attention of the students that means faster and easier understanding.

Pro-Papers researchers in their study have compiled the ways the evolution of technology has affected teaching and learning:

1. Implementing technology into the classroom allows students to learn at their individual pace, while also collaborating with their peers.

2. By integrating technology into their lesson plans teachers can hold their students’ attention and this will keep students actively involved all while learning new information in a different way.

3. The implementation of technology in the classroom allows the teacher to make their classroom lessons more interesting, thus making it much easier for students to recall later what they have learned.

Ways technology is changing studying

Technology examples

There are many examples of how digital and assistive technology has impacted teaching and learning.

1. Speak to text and voice recognition software is able to provide assistance to general education students as well as special needs students, allowing them to understand and communicate reading materials.

2. Applications (also known as apps) for tablets or IPAD’s are a great example of assistive technology that is seen throughout classrooms and schools. Different apps can be used for communication, allows the student to not only voice their thoughts but also help with communicating with their teachers and peers. Outside of teaching and learning this assistive technology can further help those students with building their communication skills and relationships with those around them.

3. Electronic math worksheets are software programs that can help the student align, organise, and do their work on the computer screen. This is helpful for students who have trouble aligning the mathematical equations with paper and pencil.
ICT is becoming important in educational settings. Teachers should equip themselves with ICT competencies to create new learning environments by utilising modern technology in the field of education and teaching experience. ICT can improve student execution and can roll out an improvement in the nature of core subject practice and teaching method, yet just with legitimate guidance.

Technology has been influencing all aspects of human endeavour. The new ICT empowers self-guided learning through different tools such as assignments, computer, etc. as a consequence of this the teaching-learning enterprise has turned out to be progressively gainful and meaningful. ICT facilitates the transaction among producers and clients. It keeps the students updated and improves teacher’s capacity and ability to foster live contact between the teacher and the student through e-mail, chat session, etc. The use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, animation, graphics can be used to foster and enhance the learning of content. Computers are good for explaining sophisticated processes.

Technology is all around us no matter where we go. We live in such a high-tech society and job market that all the students and just learners need adequate training to ensure they will be given the proper tools deemed necessary to be successful. With the technology market as prevalent in our everyday lives, teachers, students, parents, and administrators need to come together and compile a plan on how to incorporate the use of technology into our teaching and learning environments in an effective manner. Technology is here to stay and we need to learn to make it work to our advantage as well as learning how we can benefit from it.