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What you see is what you get!

What you see is what you get

Why what you don’t have may be costing your business…  

Sometimes cutting corners with your website or blog can end up being detrimental to your site.  

It can often be obvious when a website hasn’t been given the time, money and effort which it deserves. Having a poor quality site can put off clients who may have been considering your services. Your online presence tells people everything about you and if your website doesn’t give an accurate portrayal of your business then what is that really saying?

Let’s see if any of the following are relevant for you and your website now…

Not understanding your dialogue

It is really important to clearly explain to potential clients and customers the reasons why they need your services. This is far more effective than giving the hard sell. Encouraging readers to understand what you are offering is one of the first steps.   

Without this, you may risk the potential customer going to a competitor who can speak their language. Make sure you dedicate enough time to breaking down the reasons why people may need your services and the fresh opportunities this will lead to. Always remember, if you cannot communicate with a client, your competitor will.

♥ No Functionality

Allow your website to have interesting pages and plenty of interactivity for clients.

Everybody gets bored reading a website loaded with one page dialogue. You probably come across these websites yourself and are quickly put off. People want to be entertained and engaged with how your website runs, so take some time to provide this and show yourself as a business that engages with the client by giving them something other to do than read.

Upload some engaging pictures that are preferably not stock images and give a little insight into your business for some personality.

No way to enquire or purchase

Don’t just leave a phone number and email for people to reach you. Give visitors as many options as possible.

Giving visitors a way to communicate without sending an email or blindly picking up a phone gives the reader further options to generate interest and in turn, business. Have a comments box, chat function or contact page where enquiries can be made and responded to quickly.

If you trade, then look into either adding a shopping section complete with a shopping cart attached to your website, or effectively just turning your website into an e-commerce site to trade solely online. Online shopping operates for the majority of high street businesses, so why not make yourself more accessible?

No identity online

You are going to have to market yourself on more than just a website if you want people to find it.

People generate business through Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter with posts, blogs, advertisements and offers. This can bring tremendous traffic to their websites. So if you are not utilising this as an option, you are missing out on a lion’s share of business.

Communicating through these various channels gives you an acceptable level of identity to grow your business and generate new business avenues.

Gaining help where needed

If you don’t have time to commit to your web presence like many business owners do, you can turn to professionals to run it for you.

Stockport web design firms have been established as professional experts in helping companies not only trade effectively on the internet with responsive web design, but also help to generate higher levels of business and professional guidance on brand image and internet search identity.

Make sure you don’t miss out! When it comes down to it, with a little bit of thought, help and care you can create so many opportunities for your business.