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Amazing sites to visit, when you are in NYC

when you are in NYC

Travelers arrive in the early hours of the morning and find that their check-in time is 4 pm or have a late flight towards home, and check-out is at 11 am. The passengers are then left with having to drag the luggage around all day, and many times they aren’t able to maximize that extra time in the city. The port authority luggage storage can be used in such instances, to leisure your free time. While you are in NYC or anywhere around, you can avail of these services at any point in time. All you are required to do is book a space in advance.

 There are many places in NYC; all over the city is well connected through a robust bus network. The port authority is a bus terminal service that serves interstate buses heading to Manhattan and New York City. The terminal is the largest in Western Hemisphere and busiest globally in terms of traffic volume, operating on an average weekday of around 8,000 buses and 225,000 people and more than 65 million people a year.

The Bus Terminal near the Port Authority is situated at 8th Avenue and 42nd Street. It makes it a very convenient arrival/departure point if you visit Times Square. Tourists can store your luggage at Port Authority. The bus station is open and runs 24-hours a day but from 1–6 am. Every departure is from the north wing. Starting at 1–5 am. Inside the terminal, only ticketed passengers are permitted, and the only open entrance is 8th Avenue. 

The Port Authority luggage storage will pay you back in spades without blowing your budget, and the money you’ll save from snagging the central position at a cheap rate. Explore the vicinity and hang out with the locals. Here is the list of attractions around the Port Authority:

  • The American Museum of Natural History is to show you a few things you never knew, whether you are interested in the planet below your feet, or the civilizations of faraway lands, or the stars of light-years beyond our grasp. You can spend a whole day looking at taxidermied specimens from across the globe and the ocean, studying human beings and the evolutionary history of humans and our close cousins, spending the day like a geologist, and is filled with child-like wonder.
  • The 250-acre NYBG green oasis near the port authority luggage storage brings a splash of color to its celebration of the holiday. A perfect backdrop for a family holiday photo op. Extra, to enjoy dance performances, ice carving demonstrations, and other seasonal events.
  • If you want an original trip down memory lane, this old-school soda fountain and diner will tap into the New York nostalgia you’re craving. This Forest Hills gem has been into the business for more than a hundred years, which attracts people from all generations to come in for a scoop. “besides from the famous sundaes, the chocolate egg cream is famous in the whole city—and that’s saying a lot,” 
  • A world-renowned landmark is towering over Manhattan. The largest open-air observatory on the 86th floor is the main deck, providing breathtaking 360-degree views of the Hudson and East Rivers, the Liberty Statue, and more. And duck down to the “Dare to Dream” display on the 80th floor for some history, celebrating the 3,400 people who designed the 1,454-foot skyscraper and featuring original photos, architectural drawings, and building notes. Drop your bags at port authority luggage storage, and enjoy the view of the world from hundreds of feet above.
  • The city where street art was born in New York, and it is still the best place in the world to see it. Oh, why go? A much more emotional experience is catching art on the street than seeing it on a gallery wall. Check out the Bowery Graffiti Wall at the corner of Houston and Bowery for evidence to see what world-class street artist. 

when you are in NYC

  • Strand, which was founded in 1927, is perhaps NYC’s most beloved independent bookseller. With more than two million new, used and rare tomes, 18 MILES OF BOOKS, Strand completely crams its shelves, with many new titles available far below the list price, or as the sign outside says. Bibliophiles can review the staff picks, classic novels, poetry, novels, and nonfiction for hours. We recommend going up to the third level, where early editions are available for purchase and exclusive signed copies. 
  • An old-school bakery that is popular for its donuts. “Start Sunday with Peter Pan’s Bavarian cream; it’s a total hangover cure,” says Greenpoint’s Ana. Peter Pan is not a gourmet doughnut shop by any means, and thank God for that in this neck of the woods. Complete with an S-shaped counter, its freshly made fried sweets, and legit 1950s surroundings mean it’s busy with regulars every day. But believe us It’s worth the lines.
  • A public park of 9.75 acres that serves as Greenwich Village’s beating heart.  It is one of NYC’s most famous locations and has a lot of significance, acting as the backdrop for many civil rights protests, celebrations, and more. 

It’s so fun to watch him wheel his grand piano out, and he’s a fantastic player,” says Sophie of the West Village, “listening to the Piano Man play in Washington Square Park. Most buskers are happy to use instruments that are, you know, portable. 

  • In the Flatiron neighborhood, Madison Square Park is a green oasis. It is also the home to the first Shake, which still continually sees queues. There’s always something going on in the vicinity. Tourists drop the bags at port authority luggage storage and go to Shake Shack, and the staff goes to eat their lunch, pooch owners go for the dog run, guardians go to the children’s playground, and it lends for the best leisurely people-watching since the park is snaked with benches.

 Are you looking for a winter like no other? Things are a bit precarious, but with style, this beautiful town is pulling through. Iconic museums, big attractions, and favorite restaurants are directly available than ever before. Just make sure to double-check with venues to ensure that programming is still on before you head out.