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How to choose which font plugin to use for WordPress?

How to choose which font plugin to use for Wordpress

One of the reasons I love using WordPress for my various blogs is because of the super choice of Plugins to use. Of course there are so many other benefits too but in terms of plugins, there is literally a relevant plugin for everything that can help with all elements of the site from the look and feel to encouraging email sign-ups, security, image sizes, social media sharing and so much more.

When thinking about the overall style of a site, I have heard that it’s all in the font! Or is it? I think choosing the right font can be crucial in adding to the overall style as well as ensuring the posts are easy to read for everyone.

During the six years that I have been blogging, I have seen font trends come and go and once I have decided to update a certain typeface, I’ll do it using a WordPress plugin. I occasionally look back at different fonts and wonder how I had ever liked that particualr one – I guess it’s like fashion and the different styles that have come in and out! 

So how do you choose the right Plugin? There are several options to decide between like Fonts WordPress plugin Fontsy, Custom Fonts, Font Awesome, WP Google Font.

You’ll need to ensure the font you choose in compatible with your theme and you might want to read the blurb about some of the plugins too. I have been using Fontsy for being such a handy and simple plugin to use to organise my typefaces.

All you will need to do is go to ‘Plugins’ followed by ‘Ad New’ and search for ‘Fontsy’ – once you have downloaded it, you can start using Fontsy straight away by clicking on the two additional buttons that will appear on your WordPress editing screen.  The first button is for font styles and the other one deals with font sizes.

Another reason this WordPress font plugin gets the thumbs up from me is that in addition to the long list of popular typefaces available, you can add your own ones too. My original logo had quite a rare font in it so being able to use the exact one via the plugin was so useful.

If you have excellent technical talents then you can access the plugin code or even check out the SVN repository. However I haven’t needed to do any of that and simply use the plugin to manage the typefaces I need for my blogs – whether that’s selecting a new one, using a custom font or reverting back to one I have used previously.

The load time for Fontsy is quick and I haven’t had any technical issues with it. The simple upload and activation was very straight forward and if you have any questions about using it, there’s an excellent user forum which I’m sure will be able to clarify an issues. It’s especially handy to have this as it can save so much time.

Has this got you thinking that it might be time to update your website’s typeface? I think mine might need a change too!