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Dumping Sewage While Traveling – All You Should Know

While Traveling

Dumping sewage while traveling can be a much-dreaded thing, and not only cause discomfort, but also result in substantial fines. This blog explores the different methods that are used while dumping sewage from vehicles while traveling so that you can travel without worrying about getting fined.

How Can You Dump Sewage While Traveling?

The Bucket Method

Sewage dumping while traveling is an important job that can be accomplished with the help of a bucket. No wonder that this method is popular and widely used. It is cheap, effective, and does not require any tools. The key to its success is in choosing a high-quality bucket for sewage dumping which should be hefty enough to prevent leakage or breaking under pressure. 

If using the bucket method, you need to make sure that everything is completely dry and there is no trash mixed within the container. If it’s not completely dry and loaded with non-biodegradable materials, then this is not a viable option.

The Macerator Pump Plan

A macerator is a waste disposal system that chops up food waste for easy pumping. A macerator pump plan is a circuit attached to a power source. It moves the sewage around in a closed system so it can be processed and then dumped at another place. They are designed for extensive travel. They can be used when you are traveling on an RV or boat. Visit this article to learn more about the best macerator for you. 

Using your Home’s Septic Tank Cleanout

If you have a septic tank accessible to you, at home, then you can make use of your Charlotte pipe to drain the sewage from your RV or travel trailer. The charlotte pipe is a long PVC pipe specially designed for grey and black water waste, which connects from the septic tank so you can easily drain your waste. 

This is a pipe that can be attached to the outlet of an RV. It allows you to connect your plumbing system to your grey and black water drainage from your RV. Once this is done, you will link the other end of the pipe into the septic tank cleanout of your home. This will enable easy disposal of waste from your sewage tanks back onto your property.

Sewage can be Dumped at Some Gas Stations

The next time you are traveling and realize you have to dump sewage, don’t panic. Several pump stations and truck stops in proximity to recreational facilities usually make provision for the dumping of sewage. You might want to call ahead and make sure the gas station or truck stop you will be stopping at can take care of the sewage. It may not be a pleasant topic to enquire about, but the knowledge of this ahead of time, will get you more prepared and save you a lot of inconveniences.

RV Parks and Campgrounds

When you are traveling you never have to worry about dumping your sewage. You can dump it in RV parks and campgrounds. RV campsites are plentiful in America today. The exact numbers of them in the country are difficult to come by, mostly because there is no single governing body or agency that regulates these areas. It is believed that there are over 14,000 RV sites scattered around the country. This is a fairly large number of places and always fairly easy to find as they are usually in very nearby proximity to a city or town they serve.

RV Dealerships

Many RV dealerships across the country will have a sewage dump station. You are welcome to use it if you bring in your carts to haul away your waste and pull up the station at the same time. Otherwise, speak with a local business or gas station attendant to see if they can point you toward the nearest RV dumping station. Some apps can help you locate these dumping stations.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater Treatment Plants are exactly what their name suggests they should be. They treat wastewater so that it is safe for disposal into the environment. They can either be public or private, depending on how they are run. 

A private plant would only cover the waste being produced by those who sign up. Public plants though will cover the needs of all residents who feel they need the service. When you are on the road, a wastewater treatment plant can help you dispose of your sewage.

Dumping sewage while traveling is not always a bad thing. When it’s done the right way. What matters is that you are aware of all the options available to you and go with what works for you.