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Three Reasons Why Skiing Is Awesome

why skiing is awesome

Skiing could easily be one of the most exciting things you ever allow yourself to experience – it is as scary as it is exciting, but letting yourself into the world of snowy slopes and chairlifts could easily be the most magnificent way for you to enjoy Mother Nature. The thrill of sliding down steep snow-capped slopes means that you can almost feel that the adrenaline rushing throughout your body. You can almost feel the excitement in your hairs, and after the first skiing trip, you will wonder why you never took skiing earlier.

But not everyone feels like skiing is something they could take up and enjoy or even ever go back to – perhaps because of an inherent fear of heights or for some other reasons. However, if you are insistent on turning all your friends into your ski-buddies, then you may want to share the link to this article with them. In it, we share three of the primary reasons why skiing is awesome.

Most people wonder about the bluebird days, fresh powder, the corduroy fabric pants, and most importantly, how to stay warm on the snowy slopes, but once you try out skiing, you will understand why it is such a big deal to anyone who loves skiing.

3 reasons why skiing is awesome?

It makes you happier

There are numerous bodies of research that have shown that spending time outdoors makes you happier and could improve your mood significantly, even help you overcome your depressive episodes. In one of these studies, it was shown that as little as 15 minutes spent outdoors in nature would result in a significant reduction in the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body, lifting your spirits and making you happier. At the same time, more time outdoors, say about 45 minutes spent outdoors, would result in an increase in your cognitive performance. So, if you choose to spend your day in the mountains, you can only imagine how beneficial this RnR time will be to you.

The other advantage of skiing against the most stunning backdrops of the snow-capped mountains with lush forests is that this reconnection with Mother Nature will boost your mental health significantly.

It’s an excellent workout

If you’ve been looking to put in more time working out during the holidays, skiing might be the best form of exercise you pick up. For starters, skiing makes for an excellent cardiovascular workout, with the strain associated with this downhill activity placing just as much effort and strain on your heart and lungs. The level of strain on your cardiovascular system is equivalent to the level of strain from cycling or rowing, which makes skiing an excellent cardio workout.

In addition to the cardio, skiing incorporates interval training, and your entire body works hard as you navigate all those tough slopes. With interval training held in high regard by fitness professionals, specifically because of its ability to boost your overall fitness levels, skiing could be a great addition to your workout regimen.

And as you traverse the snowy slopes through the simple slaloms or the complicated descents through the deep powder, you work the muscles of your lower body, as well as the knees, thighs, and hips. The result included improved muscle definition, improved range of motion, increased balance and stability, as well as a lower risk of repetitive injuries or strain.

But that is not all – you could lose weight easily through skiing. Depending on the intensity of your runs and how much time you spend on the snowy slopes, you will burn a good chunk of calories based on your body size/ shape.

You learn something new and challenging

Besides the great memories and friendships you’ll make from skiing, the other reason why skiing and ski vacations are awesome has to do with the fact that you will learn something new – and this will make your life even more interesting.

If you have been looking for a new way to challenge yourself, skiing could be it. Skiing is an activity that’s outside your comfort zone, and you need to muster a lot of courage and confidence to navigate those slopes. So, if you need to push yourself and learn something that will not only make you fit but also more confident away from the snowy slopes, skiing is an excellent choice. The skills and confidence you gain on the slopes transcend to other areas of your life – who wouldn’t want to be better at their game? So, as you learn more techie stuff with techprojournal, you could challenge yourself with nature’s skiing test.


Skiing is amazing. As you can see above, you not only end up with an improved mental state but also a toned body and learning a new skill – all things that we all wish for.