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Why vans are best for Summer road tripping

Why vans are best for Summer road tripping

If you want to take a trip this summer, and you want to do so within your own country, thanks to current travel restrictions, why not think about road tripping in a van?

It’s one of the best ways to traverse the roads, and get out and about with your family when the sun is high in the sky and there’s plenty of white, fluffy clouds to see! But if you need a little more convincing about just how well vans work for a summer road trip, let’s go into a little more detail about it below.

Plenty of Space

Vans have plenty of space for you to make use of. There’s a lot of space in the boot, ready for your packed to the brim suitcases, picnicking equipment, buckets and spades for beaches, as well as sleeping bags and/or a tent if need be.

There are all sorts of super compact gadgets you can get for your camper van these days from the best dash cams to wireless speakers and wi-fi, the list is endless. Choose carefully and prioritise what it important to you. It will be worth it!

You can also set out a hang out spot back there, for people to sleep, sit, and gather together on those longest drives down back country roads. Your van could even be renovated, if you fancy it – you could have a proper kitchen and/or dining area back there, if you like the camping side of things and want to introduce your family to it in a fun and creative way.

Having your own little stove and fridge in the back of a van will certainly save you some money when it comes to needing to eat out, or only buy non-perishables for the roads ahead. T And speaking of saving money…

They’re Economical

Vans can be very economical. Depending on the make and model you’re using, they can be quite healthy in terms of fuel consumption, and seeing as they’re great for space and collecting as many people as possible in one vehicle, they can be seen as better for the environment compared to a simple, small car.

You can rent a van for a few weeks (and they’re a common renting option, so you’ll be spoiled for choice!), but they’re budget friendly if you want to outright buy one as well. Not to mention, the insurance policies available out there for vans are usually a lot more customer friendly – for example, take a look through sites like one sure insurance to see what kind of deals are out there for your van’s situation.

All in all, vans are incredibly economical, in terms of travelling options available to you right now. Even though a one time use vehicle is going to need some kind of coverage when being out on the road, remember that it’s much cheaper to buy one vehicle insurance policy than trying to pay for multiple seats on a flight to another country!

Making the decision to go on a road trip is no small feat, especially when you’ve got kids to take along with you. However, when it comes to keeping things cozy and moving smoothly, a van is the best way to road trip ahead!