Home Garden Review: Wickey Tower Playhouse with Swings & Slide

Review: Wickey Tower Playhouse with Swings & Slide

Ad – this is a collaborative post. We were given the Wickey Tower Playhouse in exchange for a completely honest review

Wickey Climbing Frame Review

You may have read in some of my other blog posts that we recently moved house? Our main reason for moving was to have a bigger garden for the kids. Our previous garden was quaint and there definitely wasn’t space for large playhouse or swing set, but it is something I would have always liked the children to have the use of. So when the opportunity came up to collaborate with Wickey, I jumped at the chance.

Wickey Climbing Frame Review

What is Wickey?

Wickey is a well known manufacturer and supplier of climbing frames. They have a fantastic range of items for the garden including climbing frames, sandpits, playhouses and of course the ultimate swing set, all of which combine creativity and imagination.

Wickey Climbing Frame Review

What did we review?

We chose to review the Wickey Tower Playhouse which is a climbing frame with slide, playhouse, swing and climbing ladder and the option for double swings (in place of the rope ladder).

Described as ‘a true paradise for little explorers’ the kids can keep an eye on what is going on around the garden using their telescope as well as a steering wheel to take them on their new adventure.

The climbing frame is built from pressure-treated solid wood which is quality an safety tested. You can see the style we went for from our pics but different configurations can be made too. You can choose whichever configuration will work best given the shape of your garden.

There is a 10 year guarantee on all wooden components when combined with Wickey’s safety anchors. The delivery came flay packed with lots of different components too including swing hooks, climbing holds, plastic handles, rope ladder, swing, adjustable ropes. The list goes on!

The tarpaulin and the sticker film is delivered whole to promote creativity and to give the purchaser free reign on how to assembly it once the frame has been built.

Wickey Climbing Frame Review

What did we think?

♥ We cleared some space in the garage before the frame arrived and I’m so glad we did as there was quite a lot of wood. Very heavy wood!

♥ However this was reassuring in many ways as it shows what a solid item this actually is. We plan to reinvent our garden over the coming years and want to have lovely high quality items in there, rather than cheap things that often tire very quickly.

♥ My husband was in charge of building the frame. My job was to try to keep my daughter busy so he could get on with the job (while my other two kids were at school). I’m not going to lie, the building of the frame was pretty challenging at time. It definitely needs a couple of people doing it in some places and it also requires using your own initiative quite a bit. 

♥ Once the the base of the frame had been built, things got a little easier. We moved it into the right place in our garden and my husband cracked on with it, with the help of his step dad (and some of his tools).

♥ It took quite a few hours over several days to build but the sheer enjoyment the kids have got from it is completely worth it.

♥ The Wickey play frame is such great quality. It is strong, steady, looks good and I feel happy for my kids to be playing on there with multiple friends.

♥ It is not for the faint hearted though and if you are similar to me and don’t really like building things, then I would advise you to rope in (or pay) someone who does. This is not a simple job of putting a few pieces of wood together but the final results will be worth it.

Wickey Climbing Frame Review

Any advice?

♥ Plan ahead! Make sure you know where you are going to store your play frame before building it

Decide on who is going to build it and put aside quite a bit of time to do this. Ideally when the kids aren’t around…

Measure the area where you want it to go beforehand so that you get it completely right. Once the structure is fully built, it will be very heavy and tricky to move it.

Personally I think the wooden roofs are better than the ones made of tarpaulin. I would prefer to pay the extra cost for this (where applicable). Also note – the tarpaulin comes whole so you will need to cut it out to the specifications you would like. My mother-in-law kindly did this for the window frames and flag, as I can’t seem to cut straight!

♥ You may want to cement the legs of the frame into the ground afterwards. We will do this at some point, especially as the double swing set gets a lot of use!

Wickey Climbing Frame Review

Final thoughts on the Wickey climbing frame?

This is a beautiful peace of kit and I can imagine it being in our garden for years to come. It wasn’t always the easiest to assemble, but then good things come to those who wait!