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10 wonderful wedding ideas to add to your big day

I loved planning my wedding and all of the extra special touches made it even more memorable. There are lots of lovely options out there – here are my top wedding ideas to add to your big day:

Flower Wall

These weren’t really a thing when I got married but I have seen several stunning flower walls at weddings I have been to recently and would have loved one at mine. Dallas Flower Wall Rental have some fantastic flower walls to choose from. They would make a wonderful addition to any wedding party.

wonderful wedding ideas

Polaroid Photo Book

We purchased a polaroid camera, a guest book, some tape and fancy pens and let guests take selfies before sticking them into the book and writing a message. It is one of my favourite keepsakes from the day.

Dance-floor props

From inflatable guitars to wigs, microphones and more, it is great fun to have a selection of props for guests to use when they are putting in their steps on the dance floor! It just adds to the fun and my kids loved playing with them too. Win win!

Choose the perfect dress

I loved choosing my wedding dress. From looking on Pinterest almost daily to flicking through magazines and more, I took my time with it and was delighted with what I chose in the end. The options these days are amazing – from long sleeve wedding dresses to colourful or casual designs, just make sure that you love the dress you choose as those photos are going to last forever!

Edible favours

We went for macaroons and they were such a hit. They came in little clear boxes with personalised name tags and doubled up as place names too. I was delighted with them and my guests must have been too, as they had pretty much all been eaten by them by the end of the night. Other nice edible ideas include mini belgian chocolates, cupcakes and rock candy.

wonderful wedding ideas

Candles galore

I don’t think you can ever have too many candles when it comes to a wedding reception. When it begins to get darker in the evening, it is so lovely to see the candles flickering away and really adds to the atmosphere!

Photos for place names

I have seen this done at a friends wedding. They used pics of each of their guests as their place names. They were able to source most of the pics from social media and it was a really interesting talking point at each of the tables as the pictures were usually quite funny.

Have a hashtag

It’s handy to have a few chalkboards dotted around the venue with your wedding hashtag (usually both of your surnames put together) so that guests use it when posting any pics on social media. That way you can look through the hashtag afterwards and gather up any photos that you like too!