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5 tips for working with influencers to promote your brand

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Have you considered working with influencers to promote your brand? 

If you have ever wondered whether working with influencers to promote your brand might be a good option, then congratulations for taking the first step into what I think can be one of the most effective ways of reaching potential customers.

What is influencer marketing?

My take on influencer marketing is that it’s a type marketing that uses endorsements from individuals who have a strong social media following. It can only work well in my view if the influencer (person endorsing the brand) has a strong and engaged following. A person whose followers trust them and a person who has integrity to only promote a brand which they truly admire.  

What do I know about influencer marketing?

Before starting My Tunbridge Wells close to six years ago, I worked for a decade in PR and Communications in the film industry and then sports. Influencer Marketing was fast becoming a new way of getting the word out there for brands. I worked with many different bloggers and media platforms to promote what our clients had to offer. I then trained as a social media manager and took on many local clients to help build their social media following before focusing on My Tunbridge Wells full-time.

Fast forward to 2020, and I have been working as a blogger for many years now. I have seen the boost in sales that many brands have experienced as a result working with influencers both through My Tunbridge Wells and through collaborations with other bloggers. There are many ways to increase your brand’s value and lots of ways for influencer marketing to be successful from both sides. But also ways in which it can sometimes not work so well. So here are five tips for working with influencers to promote your brand…

1. Choose Carefully

Does the influencer you have in mind have a genuine and engaged following? Have a look at their latest few social media posts. Are there many comments? Can you see how many likes the post has? Also have a look at what other brands they are endorsing. Are they the sort of brands you want your brand to be associated with?

And while you’re at it – what’s the ratio of #Ad posts on the influencer’s feed versus their organic content? Lastly, are they a good fit for your brand? Can you genuinely see them using your product or services?  nd sorry if it might sound obvious, but are their followers your target customers?

The best places to make contact with influencers to work with is either by direct messaging them through their active social media channels or by emailing them. Another option is to sign up with an influencers network. For example Intellifluence has a huge database of Travel Influencers ready to work with brands.   

2. What can you offer them?

Some influencers will work for product only, if the product is valuable enough to them in lieu of payment. Others may require a fee only, while part product and payment is an option too. It will depend what it is really.

As a micro-influencer, I will occasionally just work for product so long as it is something that I would have spent the money on anyway. I need to weigh up everything I do versus how long it takes. For example, if it is going to take me two hours to photograph for Instagram or Pinterest as well as write about and then publish a post about a brand, I need to work out if the product alone is worth it. Most brands thankfully understand this. After all, this is my job and I have bills to pay!

3. Bargaining Power when working with influencers?

I have learned over the years that both from the client and influencer sides, prices can definitely be negotiated. You need to start somewhere and influencers these days sometimes quote higher than what they expect to get. This is because brands will often come back with a lower price too. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! If a an influencer quotes a fee that is higher than what you want to spend, there’s always the option of asking them to lower their price or to add value to the package, such as an additional post, share or mention.

4. Give them a clear brief

This works well for both parties. As an influencer, I love working with a clear and concise brief, so I know exactly what the brand wants and can then be satisfied that I have met the brief.

A decent brief should include exactly what content (at minimum) is required – for example, how many Insta stories, grid posts, Facebook posts etc. are expected. Which hashtags need to be used, which companies need to be tagged in and deadlines?

5. Ask for the right stats when working with influencers

I think it is useful to let the influencers know what stats you would like to see after the campaign. Ideally before they publish the content. That way, they can know what’s important to you, before they publish the post and you will also know what info you’ll be getting. You can then refine this each time you work with someone and compare it across all of your collaborations.

I hope this blog post about working with influencers to promote your brand was useful? If you have any questions influencer marketing, please don’t hestitate to get in touch. I’m more than happy to help!