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How to invite the wow factor into your home

wow factor into your home

If you’d like to introduce more of the wow factor into your home, but don’t where to start, here’s my 5 top tips for making a home guests won’t be able to forget. From transforming a regular space into a statement focal point, to lavish finishing touches that can’t fail to impress, hopefully I can help inspire your transformation.

#1 Lighting shouldn’t just be functional! Use large-scale ceiling lights, artistic in nature, to add a focal point to a room. In the evening, lamps can be cleverly positioned at eye level to cast pools of light around a room, creating a cosy space to relax. Meanwhile, individual pendants over a dining table will create drama. You can also use coastal lighting fixtures to enhance or highlight the beach-inspired theme of your home. All these details will help create the ambiance that your home’s interior design is aiming for.

#2 First impressions count, so let’s start with the entrance hall! It’s a heavy traffic area so wood flooring is an ideal material, as it not only wows but is practical too. For the ultimate in elegance and grandeur a timeless parquet flooring laid in a herringbone pattern is hard to beat! Reminiscent of opulent 16th Century France origin, the craftsmanship and attention to detail, gives a luxury, show-stopping welcome.

wow factor into your home

#3 Layers and texture give the home an indulgent feel. Well-made curtains to dress a window for example and soft towels in the guest bathroom are simple ways to achieve this look. A designer sofa looks uber-stylish with a few textured cushions and a cosy hand-woven throw carefully draped over the arm. When a statement rug is placed in front of a fireplace, a regular space can be transformed into an attractive focal point.

#4 Playful colour and pattern serve well as eye-catching ways to make a statement, from a feature wall in a living room to a tiled en suite. A neutral room can still pop, with blocks of the same bright colour in small bursts throughout, adding warmth or atmosphere. The total of 3 colours is usually the most elegant approach. Consider the 60/30/10 rule using 60% primary colour, 30% secondary colour, and 10% accent colour.

#5 Once the rooms are decorated and furnished, make the final touches really count with bold statements. Use art to inspire you in the study, impressive floral displays in the hall and photography that expresses your personality in the sitting room. Don’t be afraid to act on impulse either. If you see something you instantly like – especially if it’s an original – you don’t want to miss out!