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How to Properly Prepare For Your First Camping Trip

Your First Camping Trip

Are you planning on going on your very first camping trip?

Not only is that exciting, but it can be nerve-wracking as well. But no need to worry. With our guide below, you will be ready to rock your first camping trip like an absolute pro.

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1. Decide What Kind of Camping You Want to Do

There are many different camping styles that you could partake in. Some examples are car camping, RV camping, tent camping, boondocking or free camping, and backcountry camping (or backpacking).

There is no one right answer here. Everyone’s going to be different in the kind of camping style they prefer. Choose one that speaks to your heart and go from there.

2. Find a Campground Nearby and Book Early

During camping season, campgrounds can book up pretty quickly, so once you decide on a campground, make sure to book early. You don’t want to miss out on your first camping trip because you were procrastinating.

3. Figure Out the Amenities Available

Always make sure you understand what kind of amenities are available at the campground you’ve chosen. This is important not only for camping safety but will also help you while packing for a camping trip.

This way you will know if you need to bring toilet paper with you, or if you should be packing some clean drinking water or not.

4. Pack Your Camping and Cooking Gear

A good packing list is essential when packing for a camping trip. You can learn more about the variety of camping gear available here. You will want to pack cooking utensils, sleeping bags, swiss army knives, and more.

5. Make Sure to Take Warm Durable Clothing with You

If it’s your first camping trip, you might be surprised at how cold it gets at night. In some areas of the United States, temperatures drop quite considerably at night.

That’s why you will want to take durable, yet warm clothing with you, so you can roughhouse in it, but also stay cozy.

6. Enjoy Yourself and Take Note of What You Could Do Better Next Time

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you missed some essential items from your packing list. You can either borrow it from a friend or a neighbor if you can’t go without it. Don’t let that ruin your first camping experience.

You will know better for next time and the more you go camping, the better you will get at figuring out exactly what you should pack.

7. Get Excited about Your First Camping Trip

If you are letting stress and anxiety ruin your first camping trip, don’t! Enjoy yourself. The important thing isn’t to make it perfect, but to have fun while you are making mistakes. Everyone goes through this learning experience.

Missing an item here or there isn’t the end of the world. Choosing the wrong campground or camping style isn’t either. Chill out and let the peace of nature seep into your soul.

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