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Three ways to spruce up your home this winter

your home this winter

Sometimes all a home needs is a little TLC to make it feel just that little bit more modern and luxurious. There are several ways to spruce up your home this winter which won’t cost the earth and we have highlighted what they are below. From replacing your door hardware to investing in some soft fluffy cushions, there are plenty of ways to make a quick and easy change.

Knock knock knock…

The entrance of a home can sometimes get ignored as the owners are more preoccupied with what’s inside the house. I know I am guilty of this. However making an effort with the look of your front door can go along way in improving your home’s appearance. Replacing the door hardware can make such a difference, especially with doorknobs either on your front door or on the internal doors around your house. Have a look at Emtek door knobs on Direct Door Hardware for some inspiration – there are some super options that will instantly jazz up a room.

Soft furnishings galore

I do love a scatter cushion (or 10!) and really believe they can completely transform a room. Pick a theme for each room, perhaps with two different colours and find some cushions, a throw and even a rug that all tie in well together. You could go even further and perhaps paint a feature wall tying in with one of your chosen colours too. Guaranteed cosiness all the way.

Lights all the way

Having suitable lighting is an absolute must these days. We rarely use the main light in our living room or dining room and have opted for lamps instead. It really does create a luxurious and calming feel. If you haven’t had many lamps before, perhaps start with just one in each of your rooms downstairs and see how you get on? I promise  you won’t look back!